Late 50’s plaid wool men’s shirt

Who says fall has to be muted colors?  This radiant mix of orange and green on wool-nylon (85-15) will help you stand out from those crunchy leaves.  Another piece brought to you by the JC Penney Towncraft label, single-needle sewn.   The shirt has a straight-cut waist hem that’s meant to be worn out, but is nipped in the style of the times.  Open pockets for easy storage and access to money or whatever else you need to free your hands of.  Click here for more views and sizing information!


1970’s “Young Pendleton” plaid skirt

How did the 1970’s interpret the plaid wool Pendleton skirt?  They made it longer, not pleated, and decidedly A-line.  This piece is an example of the “Young Pendleton” line, made in virgin wool, in several demure colors:  tan-cream, varying shades of blue, varying shades of maroon, and even a little purple for good measure.   Buttons down the front with maroon buttons.  Could be worn with a cowl-neck sweater, a rich-fabric blazer with a romantic blouse, or many other ways, and would go surprisingly well with that must-have mid- to late-70’s accessory:  The knee-high boot!   Click here for sizing and details.




1960’s men’s Pendleton wool blazer

The first word that came to mind upon seeing this blazer was “snazzy”, but we’ll leave it to you to find your own adjectives.  What we can fairly and objectively state is that this wool Pendleton blazer combines the fine Oregon tradition of making high-quality garments out of wool, and that this is a very foresty, verdant yellowish-green that we’ll call “moss” with a check pattern in a darker shade of green.  The finishing touch are the little gold-tone buttons with sheep’s head motifs!   Click here for more sizing and views!

The Truth Behind Vintage Pendleton

All year long, but particularly now and all through the blustery Fall and Winter, we are up to our armpits in Pendleton orders. We have seen every single colorway plaid, button and cut style imaginable. When I first came on the Monster Vintage good ship, I was told that since the company has been pumping these out, in many of the same patterns, for over 100 years, rendering them impossible to decade-date. With a lovely new hire on board who questioned this, I was prompted to call the Pendleton headquarters and get to the bottom of the vintage wool mystery.

Turns out to be factual – the nice representative I spoke with on the phone confirmed the difficulty in pin-pointing Pendletons. The company has been using many of the same patterns for the last 150 years. That’s a long time. Especially when your production numbers reach into the hundreds of thousands each year. So, alas, we continue to title all these woolen beauties as simply, “vintage”.

Below, a few of their most popular models, which include the Board shirts and Sir Pendleton lines. Following, as is my method of operation, are a few selections from our site. And boss man just got back from an epic picking journey – all I saw were brief flashes of wool plaid but rest assured there will be lots of new (vintage) picks to purchase on the website soon. Very soon.