1960’s/1970’s Nordstrom dress suit set

Such stunning structure!  We here at Monster Vintage haven’t invoked the M-M words for a long time, but it’s impossible to resist.  If this doesn’t impart to you the striking patterns and impeccable shapes of the career women of  Mad Men from the most recent seasons, we don’t know what will.  Abstract running pattern of dots and bars in dark autumn colors shot through with some white for contrast, this very smart set is comprised of two pieces:  The structured dress and the structured jacket.   Each is a stand-alone piece, but they are tailored so concisely, they practically sing a duet of late Mod style.  Listen!  Can you hear it?


Office Politics as Usual

By; Emerald Lavender



MonsterVintage offers a plethora of vintage modern and contemporary suits to make you the fashion-stand-out at the office.  The professional look can be so sassy with the right fit and accessories. You are sure to turn heads while you walk your pretty self to the water cooler. Here are a couple ladies suits and accessories that I think are FAB!  This 1950’s Pinstripe one-piece suit would be nice paired with these beautiful clear beads. I imagine a very simple hair-do, like a high pony tail, pulled tight, looking sleek. The 1980’s Cotton Candy colored suit would be fierce with the Icey Bauble earrings. I visualize beautiful bouncy curls with this ensemble, playful and pretty.