Deadstock designer blue 1980’s gown by Alyce Designs

Combining 1980’s  love for asymmetry and royal blue, this deadstock gown by Alyce Designs is in a timeless empire cut with a sheer, diaphanous overlay of what could be called “raining roses”.   The flower motif adds tons of visual interest and glitz for the gown’s intended purpose as formalwear.  As with many of the “true” hues, royal blue looks good with several skin tones and hair colors.    Most of all, this is a unique piece and has never been owned before!  Click here for more views and sizing information.


Rare 1940’s off-white acetate satin and net gown

One look at this dress and you’ll be hearing strains of soft songs by Irving Berlin and Tommy Dorsey.  Pairing the gentle sheen of satiny acetate with a voluminous double-net skirt, this formal gown exudes 1940’s charm and beauty.  From the center gathers to the sweetheart neckline to the slightly padded shoulders (and we mean slightly, daintily), this piece is already a vision, but wait!  There’s more.  Adorning the net skirt are several gold sequin butterflies.   Like them, you can make the entrance of a lifetime and set tongues a-wagging and hearts a-pounding.   Now’s your chance!

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Monstrous Vintage Fashions – How to Get The Hammer Glamour Look

Some of the best vintage fashions can be found in horror films from the 1960s. Here we take a look at some of the costumes seen in films from Hammer Studios as well as the legendary Mario Bava.  Look no further than films like The Vampire Lovers, starring Ingrid Pitt, for Hammer glamour inspiration!  Here you can see Ms. Pitt wearing a lime green empire waist long sleeved gown while contemplating her next conquest.

Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers

A similar fashion from the monstervintage catalog is another empire waisted maxi, this time with a lace top. You just don’t see this olive shade of green being worn anymore and it’s a real shame. The crepe rayon skirt with the fetching bow accessory is a strong look for the modern woman. Here is another vintage green from the same period with a more austere design.

A bit less daring, this pink chiffon extravaganza reminds me of the gown that Ingrid Pitt wears in Countess Dracula before bathing in the blood of virgins.

A sample dress from New York’s garment district, the bubble gum pink 1980s gown is in mint condition.

The undisputed queen of the spaghetti horror films, Barbara Steele can be seen here in an image from the legendary Mario Bava film, Black Sunday, the first Italian horror film.

This 19th century black cape  perfectly reflects Ms. Steele’s look of Victorian gloom.

With a Peter Pan collar and satin piping trim it is a must have for costume fanciers.  Although Ms. Steele is not wearing a hat with this costume, you may still consider pairing the cape with this fabulous and rare bonnet again from the collection of monstervintage.
Never underestimate the importance of a well placed hat to contribute to your vintage look.  Ms. Steele shows us how it’s done.

The Twins of Evil show some lovely 1860s/1960s fashions as well as giving us  a look at vintage nightgowns.

In keeping with the 1970s color scheme, here are a couple of examples of maxi dresses that can be found at

You may find yourself wondering  what do these Twins of Evil wear at night?

The look can easily be achieved with this beautiful vintage peignoir.

Again we can look at Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers for inspiration in wearing vintage lingerie.

A simple white vintage slip is all it takes to resemble a 1960s era Vampire bombshell!

Remember to be beautifully monstrous when choosing your look for the day!

And as Vampira would say, bad dreams darlings….