Pringle Of Scotland

Aside from being ridiculously fun to say (try and do it without smiling), Pringle Of Scotland is one of our favorite cold-weather labels. With a hugely impressive near-300 years behind them, it’s safe to say that this Scottish born and bred company knows precisely what they’re doing.

Founded 1815 in Britain by Robert Pringle, not only did Robert begin what would become the most respected and admired knitwear house in the world, he actually coined the term, “knitwear” when a knitted garment of his was worn as outerwear (presumably by a handsome sheep herder). Robert continued his innovative streak by creating the instantly recognizable checkered argyle pattern and for inventing the term and style, “twinset“, which, we all know, quickly became most sought after by Europe’s elite socialites. We owe Mr. Pringle a grand thanks for his cashmere creativity. And for keeping us warm all Winter long.

As if all this weren’t enough, Pringle of Scotland has had the foresight and business savvy to keep up with the current fashion set. Employing the fair-skinned, fire flaxen British actress Tilda Swinton for their 2010 ad campaign was brilliantly off the beaten model path. Swathed in rich Pringle sweaters, the photos were incredibly successful for the company, putting them once again on the lips of media and blog sweethearts.

Additionally, showcased during their menswear show in Milan on January 18th, 2010, Pringle released a mini cartoon documentary. With a relaxing voice-over and animated by artist David Shrigley, the flick is adorable. I now know that Pringle uses the softest cashmere from the belly of goats and sheep and what bobbin trees and jumpers are.

Click on the link and then “brand film” to enjoy.

Below are images from Tilda’s ad campaign, photos of Pringle garments and items for sale from our website.


burgundy track jacket

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