Bright coral 2-piece Jantzen bathing suit

Friends of vintage, friends of Mad Men, we have here a tie-in to a major plot point on a recent season of Mad Men.  Fine, it’s not super-recent, but this blogger doesn’t have cable and has to be patient.

In the pilot for the fourth season of Mad Men, there is a contentious meeting between the main characters and some stuffy executives from Jantzen, who are wary of too-risque ads for their company’s two-piece swimsuit.  Something like this piece, but with a little less material!

While in the show, the tension between the bold ad men and the conservative Jantzen representatives served as an important way to remind the viewers that the sixties were well underway, the episode launched a firestorm of blog posts after its airing.  In reality, apparently Jantzen had no qualms about using “a wink” in their ads.  You just have to suspend your disbelief to watch any show that revisits the past.

Luckily, you don’t have to suspend your disbelief when admiring this suit we have in our collection of women’s swimwear!  It’s so very sixties.  It’s a two-piece, but it still covers quite a bit compared to the suits Jantzen would produce just a few years later.  This suit is neither itsy nor bitsy by today’s standards.  However, it is a vibrant shade of coral (a bit brighter and more orange than on my monitor – it’s day-glo coral), which is surprisingly flattering on several skin tones.  You can find sizing information and views at this link.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Mad Men Moment, but it’s even more relevant when you realize that Jantzen is an established company right here in Portland, Oregon!  So from the perspective of Monster Vintage, this is local history, pop culture, and really nice vintage swimwear!