Colorful poncho with eagle/thunderbird motif

The poncho:  An ancient yet ever-recurring clothing trend of Central and South America.  There are several variants on the idea, but the genius of the design is simplicity plus functionality.  Some ponchos are worn with the points down in the center front and back, but this is worn as a rectangular shape and covers more of you from the elements.  With accents of red, maroon, and yellow against black, white, and gray, this can be worn with a variety of colors and styles.   Click here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s Guatemalan women’s poncho

For warmth and for the pretty purple pattern on this cotton-acrylic poncho from the 60’s, you can’t go wrong!  The cool tones of white and varied purples are complemented by zigzags of black.  Featuring slits for your hands so you can decide how much heat to keep during chillier weather, this poncho will keep you cute and cozy.  Click here for more views and sizing.


Monster Vintage Mini Lookbook

Our loveliest fashion photographer let me play dress-up with one of her starlet models one last time before jet-setting off to Europe. You can follow Brianne’s travels here.

These were taken a few weeks ago in one of the fun studios at Towne Storage on the Eastside waterfront. All pieces are from Monster Vintage. Yay. Oh, and that Grateful Dead tee? Here’s where to buy it!