1980’s Australian military men’s camouflage shirt

Camouflage print says a lot about a place.  The way modern camouflage patterns and colors are developed is ingenious while being practical at the same time.  According to our high-powered Internet research skills, Australian camouflage uses analyses from aerial photographs and interprets those photos into disruption patterns and colors to help conceal the wearer in any Australian terrain from bushland to jungle.  We at Monster Vintage do not recommend trying to blend in to any environment using camouflage shirts, especially outside of their place of origin.  These colors certainly would not work in Oregon!  Click here to see more views and sizing information.


1940’s Naval pea coat

Get your sea legs in this vintage 40’s pea coat with classic post-WWII styling.  Six front buttons with anchor motif and lined tan corduroy “warmer” pockets, along with the tag inside the coat, indicate the true age of this piece.  Fun pea coat fact:  Up to the second World War, pea coats had eight front buttons, not six.  Designed to withstand wind, rain, and other inclement conditions, this piece of American history has survived in great condition to the present day!  Click here for more views of the lining, tags, and buttons, as well as for sizing information.


Vintage Platoon

New York Fashion Week seemed to breeze by this season with a quiet serenity. Maybe it’s due in part to our still-soggy economy. Perhaps the horrific death of Alexander McQueen added solemnity to the week. Whatever the reasons, we saw many a staple of the past, redefined a bit to reflect our current garment tastes. The New York Times caught wind of the resurrection of military inspired couture and recalled the flurry of designers who embedded a dose of field jackets, parkas, anoraks and camouflage print. Whether short bodied wool officer jackets or longer, khaki double-breasted trench coats, we’ve got an amazing array of authentic vintage military gear. As popular as epaulets, gusseted cuffs and field patches are these days, you’re bound to find a garment that fits your rank.