Long Vintage Skirts. On Short Ladies.

Being 5’2″, I’ve always longed to wear long, romantic and feminine full length skirts. Problem is, they seem to eat up small frames and make us look completely swallowed and even shorter than we are. But when I spotted this gorgeous shorty on Mr. Newton’s street blog this morning, I was so impressed. She is clearly petite and yet managed to find a way to wear this amazing full-bodied sheer crepe skirt in such a way that she looks proportionally perfect. I think her decision to tuck in her fitted pullover helped tremendously. Not to mention she is donning incredibly (incredible) high heels in a cherry popping red. But we can wear heels, right?! We’re vertically challenged so heels are great.

I’m going to try this look out with the next full length blossoming vintage skirt I find. Are you a shorty? How do you wear your full length skirts?

* Image borrowed from Mr. Newton *