Vintage Leatherman Pocket Knives

We love expressing our gratitude to websites who help share our vintage goods with their reader base. In the last few weeks, we’ve happily had a flurry of sales for our collection of vintage Leatherman pocket tools. Many customers took the time to type in the website they were coming to us from on their sales invoice. Thank you for mentioning us on your site and in your message boards! EDC Forums is a great online store and public message board dedicated to gizmos, gadgets and tools that make everyday living more fun. They feature items like flashlights, pens and Leatherman knives. We happened to have a great lot of Squirt P4s and P6s in stock that EDC’s readers were buying. They’re super fun little pocket knives that come in bright colors like metallic blue, red and green. Perfect for the teenage boy scout or urban jungle man.