Vintage Lace Looks Lovely

It does. It does look lovely. All the time. Any time. Since it crept into apparel hundreds and hundreds of years ago, hot off homemade looms in barns and cellars and precious family-owned lace-making businesses, we have not been able to take our hands off the stuff. These days, it seems to be making quite the huge comeback and we’re seeing it everywhere; runways, alleyways, intersections, sidewalks, red carpet events, and sourced in its true vintage form. Lace is gorgeous, a joy to design with due to its transparency and always romantic. I could go on but I won’t. You get the drift.

Head out and look for you perfect lace piece, be it a skirt to pair with a vintage top, a vintage dress to layer with gobs of contrast patterned old man cardigans and thick wooly tights or a fitted blouse with knickers and a vintage pea coat to sashay down the wet sidewalks in.

Below are some googled images and a few of our lacey website gems. I’m having a black and white themed love affair. That combo or monochromed goodness, like head-to-toe turquoise. Yum…

Luisa-Beccaria Vintage Lace Top

Valentino Ebony Lace

Romantic Ralph Lauren Floor Length Sheath

Spicy Vivid Verrier Turquoise Lace Mini