Sparkling paisley late 1960’s/early 1970’s women’s jumpsuit

Paisley has a long and varied history, originating in Iran and eventually enjoying wide popularity throughout southern Asia.  More recently, the large paisley print enjoyed  popularity with the hippie and psychedelic period in the 1960’s.  And so it became a new innovation to combine metallic fabrics, such as on this jumpsuit and top, with big swooping dramatic colors.   Click here for more views of this sparkling and dramatic multi-piece set!

Katy Perry’s Vintage Look

By: Emerald Lavender

Super-Famous singer Katy Perry adores vintage clothing. At every award show or interview, she is sporting vintage clothing from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  My feelings are that she loves vintage and is liable to be seen in get-ups from ANY time period. I admire her willingness to stand out from the crowd with her choice of attire. Her bustier style clothing is always  form-fitting and alluring. has a wide assortment of vintage  halter tops, jumpers, and bathing suits that look as if they could possibly be Ms Perry’s taste! Check em out!