1986 Monkees 20th anniversary shirt

Here they come, walking down the street!  Again!

This concert tee marks the era of a huge resurgence of popularity for the Monkees.  Following the re-airing of their popular TV show on cable, they found a whole new generation of fans and reuinited to record more songs.   Whether your favorite song is “Daydream Believer” as sung by Davy Jones,  “I’m a Believer” sung by Mickey Dolenz,  or “Auntie Grizelda” sung by Peter Tork, you can rest assured that this shirt pays tribute to each Monkee who performed these timeless tunes.  Click here for more views and details.

NOTE:  Mike Nesmith not included!


Monster Vintage Mini Lookbook

Our loveliest fashion photographer let me play dress-up with one of her starlet models one last time before jet-setting off to Europe. You can follow Brianne’s travels here.

These were taken a few weeks ago in one of the fun studios at Towne Storage on the Eastside waterfront. All pieces are from Monster Vintage. Yay. Oh, and that Grateful Dead tee? Here’s where to buy it!