MAKE WAVES! Spring into a Season of Classic Swimwear and be a splash of fashion!


MAKE WAVES! Spring into original Vintage clothing and swimwear and be a splash of fashion!  Springtime vacations are a great reason to add to your vintage & retro clothes collection.  Wear a 1930’s or 1960’s Mod era bathing suit and your personal style will stand out for sure.  Monster Vintage has some great bathing suits, swimwear and summer fun dresses so stop by and make a Vintage Splash!



Sunny Afternoon Roses at the Beach  & After Dark at the Pool


Volleyball Flare & Rare 30’s Swimsuit


“Girls Don’t Want Cute Little Bathing Suits, they Want to Make Waves!”











Vintage is brewing……tap into some original vintage clothing to fill up your fashion appetite! Check out a variety of vintage Beer Uniform jackets, fun character tee shirts and brew house collectibles.

Brewery taprooms have something for every taste-bud and we have vintage clothes to match your personal taste, so pick out a cool vintage tee shirt to throw over your mug and enjoy showing off your style!

Stroh Light,  U.S Standard Beer


Malt Liquor , Vintage Olympia Beer Ashtray

Hand Crafted Coors Beer Hat

Character Tee Shirt & Olympia Beer Jacket


What To Wear: SXSW Music Festival 2011

I dropped my man off at the airport a few days ago so that he could escape the non-stop torrential downpour we’ve been enjoying. He fled the scene for the week to trade gray Portland in for sunny Austin, Texas where one of the nation’s largest music festivals is currently taking place. SXSW (South by Southwest) is essentially a Woodstock of sorts. Except that folks stay in hotels, wear shoes and speed stick. For many of the other huge festivals, there are often boatloads of photographers roaming the streets and concerts, snapping outfits of the moment. Daydreaming of shorts and tank tops, I was thinking this morning about this year’s SXSW style. Nothing has been posted online yet, so I’ve pulled garments and accessories from our warehouse; things I would love to see on SWSW’s fashion forwards.

Are you at SXSW? What are you wearing?

For the dames:

Velvet Leaf Bonnet
Striped Straw Pork Pie Hat
Fire Rimmed Sunnies
Butternut Squash Striped Blouson
Little Boy's Denim Shirt
Patchwork Capris
Gingham Flange Skirt
Blueberry Embroidered Oaxacan Peasant Dress

For the fellas:

Dusty Safari Hat
Canary Yellow Harolds Club Mesh hat
1988 Grateful Dead Concert Tee
Peanuts Knott's Berry Farm Tank Top
Blue Silk Shorts
Classic Levi 501's

The Final Frontier…

Today I found some groovy Star Trek stuff available at Monster Vintage. Star Trek is a phenomenon that spans generations and both kids and adults can have fun hunting for Star Trek collectibles from any number of spin-offs, movies, and the expanded universe. But these collectibles are not limited to toys, knicknacks, and objets d’art. There are also clothing collectibles out there for the fan of Gene Roddenberry’s world. Here are a few examples of the sort of Star Trek items that can be found at Monster Vintage.

1970s Rare Star Trek Original Series Tank Top

This righteous seventies orange tank top from the original series is undeniably awesome. It features Shatner and Nimoy as well as other cast members and the Enterprise in the background. Rare and highly collectible, this tee comes in at $249.99. More pics here…

1993 Star Trek The Next Generation Towel Set

A more affordable option might be this kick-ass bath towel set for $29.99. This set dates from 1993 and features the Next Generation logo, as well as the Enterprise, swirling planets, stars, and shuttle crafts. It even has a matching washcloth! Click here for more pics…

 Star Trek Costume Space Shirt

And finally, for your next costume party or convention, you might be interested in this Star Trek space suit top. Whether or not you want to fill it out with a muscle suit underneath, Wil Wheaton-style, is entirely up to you. Click here for more pics!

So boldly go, and have fun browsing around Monster Vintage for these and other awesome collectible clothes.

Cheers! 🙂