Yellow 1970’s felt beaded circle skirt

The circle skirt is widely associated with the 1950’s, when it partnered up with the poodle to make one of the most recognizable women’s styles of the twentieth century, but this style didn’t just fade away!  Oh no.   Because the circle skirt is an inherently fun cut, it is always open to re-interpretation.  That’s what we have here.  Bold colors, beading, and a freer, almost abstract design, with the potential to be worn with more “ethnic”-looking shoes and tops, or it can be part of a retro ensemble in the spirit of movies like “American Graffiti” and “Grease”.   Click here for more views and sizing information.



70’s dress, white and pink polka dots

If you want to know about the company that made this, may we suggest you be specific in your Internet search!  It’s likely that at the time, the label “Texas Swinger” didn’t mean what people today would think.  No no, this is just a jaunty, mildly Western-influenced white synthetic knit dress with a big butterfly collar.  If you’ve seen performances by big-haired women country singers of the day, like Lynn Anderson or Dolly Parton, you can almost picture them wearing this style.   Click here for more views!

70’s men’s shirt with bandana accent

If you weren’t around for the 70’s, one important thing to know about the really big style back then was that for a while, bandanna kerchiefs were all the rage.  This Western-style shirt does something different with the bandanna craze:  It uses bandanna print on just a bit of this otherwise blue button-down.  If this understated nod to the bandanna appeals to you, click here for more!  Originally sold by the now-defunct Montgomery Ward.  A real salute to mid-70’s sensibilities!

Marc Jacobs & Vintage Polka Dots

New York Fashion Week F/W 2011. Can’t get enough of it. Marc Jacobs, still high from the praise of last season’s first womens line seen from Jacobs in years, continues to be the moment’s catwalk darling. He is still living in the 1970’s, although these silhouettes are the dressed-up version of the fluid and loose outlines he gave us previously.

Dipped in fantastic and over-sized polka dots, we saw fitted peplum blazers, curve-hugging hobble skirts, matching dotted hosiery and the sweetest polka-dotted saucer vinyl berets by milliner Stephen Jones I’ve ever seen. Some of the body-con dresses appeared reptilian, in violet, metallic silver and chocolate brown. The whole line elicited a troupe of saucy airline stewardesses, ready to debark their flight and sashay to the nearest dimly lit cocktail bar. I especially love the sense of fun Jacobs can’t seem to help but inject in his designs. Dressing is sexy and seductive, yes, but you also feel like his women have a wicked sense of sarcastic humor and tricks up their fitted, set-in sleeves.

Enjoy Jacobs’ style lines and use of polka dots, both of which are taken quite literally from the glorious 1970’s. Images followed by our original inspiration garments. For sale on the site right now…