A little info for ya!

We get asked a lot if we have online sales and the like. We also get asked if we have an e-mail list/newsletter.
Yes and yes!
We have an e-mail list which happens to be exactly the place you can find out about sales we have on the site!
You can also follow us on facebook and twitter for more info about sales. More info in general, really. There are often different sales offered on those social networks, so why don’t you just stay ahead of the curve and keep up with all three? Sound good?
See you on the internet, lovies!
Sally “Social Butterfly” Mulligan

Ex-squeeze Me?

Are you following us on twitter yet?! Here’s the thing- in an unofficial survery (aka listening to my friends rant about twitter) I have found that many young people do not, in fact, have twitter accounts. But did you know that you do not have to have a twitter to see someone’s twitter feed? Did you also know that our twitter is way better than most everyone else’s?*
So just go to twitter.com/vintagemonster and either follow us or, if you yourself don’t have a twitter account, simply bookmark us. You wouldn’t want to be out of the loop, now would you?

*unoffically, of course