Magma-colored crushed velvet 1970’s bedspread

Tired of reserved colors in your bedroom color scheme?  Sick of looking at the same old safari sand scheme?  Got the country blue blues?  Does your boudoir look more like Aunt Mabel’s Bed and Breakfast, all done up in pink and yellow?  Maybe you can heat up the palette with this vivid red-orange crushed velvet bedspread.  It is a fiery, volatile red, like molten rock from the caldera of Kilauea, with surface ornamentation and fringe trim for letting the color scintillate over the edges, like so much lava.  Even if you’re saving on your heating bill this winter, the sight of this glowing color will transport you to a comfortably cozy place!  Added bonus:  No airfare and no actual risk of physical injury.  Crafted from cotton-poly blend fabric.  Click here for more views and sizing dimensions.




1950’s striped pillow ticking fabric

Are you handy with a sewing machine?  A great use of vintage fabrics is making new things out of hard-to-find materials.  We have here several pieces of differing sizes, stripes, and weights in striped pillow ticking fabric, which can be used not only for making pillows, but also for comforters, duvets, for embroidering, and plenty of other things around the house!  Because the pieces vary in size, please go here for more information.