Happy Wednesday!

Weekly love shine to Lookbook.nu
Some of my favorite looks…

80’s acid wash jumpsuit?! Yes, please.

In honor of MJ

From the Monster Vintage vault:

Niiice. Vintage athletic shorts and Nike lows.

From the Monster Vintage vault:

Item # 11139

All the single fellas. Tweed dinner vests, pencil pants and grown-up loafers.


LV and Madge, second round KO. The Spring campaign went so smashingly well that they immediately decided to snap more photos for the Louis Vuitton Fall spread. She looks eerily fresh faced and air brushed but the concepts and styling is gorgeous.


A NYC street sign from my visit earlier this year.

A Monster Vintage letterman’s jacket. I like the Halloween colorway.

An Angie / Illababy heel collaboration. These girls are fantastic and as of late, have been revamping new and vintage shoes with scalloped leather and other trinkets.

The BF stopped by this AM for iced vanilla lattes, cream cheese pesto bagels and $1 scratch lotto tickets. Suffice to say, neither one of us will be moving into a 5th Ave. loft space just yet.

XO | S.