Kitty Cat

In honor of my dear friend and cat lover to all furry felines, Miss Alex Lamm (who by the way, is Portland’s most wicked street photographer – think the West coast version of Ricky Powell), I thought I’d sprinkle some post love her way for all the sickeningly cute kitty cat related emails she periodically sends me.

She sent me the link to this little ditty yesterday from Karmaloop (who we love)

Thinking this is my favorite. I’m a dog person all the way but this real photograph of cat eyes made into a necklace is pretty nifty.

I’m all about personalized name plates. I had my nickname (Moski) and my New York and Portland hometown zip codes made into necklaces so if forced to wear any of the pussy cat gems I found online this morning, I would totes rock this, with something crafty put in place of my name like, ohh I dunno, “#1 Feline”.

Happy Friday!

XO | S.