1980’s “Brent” letterman jacket

“Hey, did you see Brent at the game last week?  He actually, like, talked to me!  I could, like, die!”

Did you ever have this conversation?  Were you the subject of such a conversation?  Did you have a best friend with the winning smile and the letter in a sport and all kinds of praise and recognition?  Whether your answer is yes or no, it’s back to school time, and a fact of life for more high school kids is that when school starts, the sports start too.  The great American tradition of commemorating achievement in athletics in the form of a letterman’s jacket goes back decades, but this example is from 1987, so we invite you to imagine the rest of this Brent’s look.  Maybe he had feathered hair and the first acid-washed jeans with white Velcro-closure high tops to go with this red and tan jacket.  Maybe he drove a Camaro.  Maybe he said he loved Led Zeppelin, but secretly he listened to Phil Collins in his more pensive moments.    We may never know.  But for fans of the 80’s and sports memorabilia, dare to imagine!

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