Yellow 1970’s felt beaded circle skirt

The circle skirt is widely associated with the 1950’s, when it partnered up with the poodle to make one of the most recognizable women’s styles of the twentieth century, but this style didn’t just fade away!  Oh no.   Because the circle skirt is an inherently fun cut, it is always open to re-interpretation.  That’s what we have here.  Bold colors, beading, and a freer, almost abstract design, with the potential to be worn with more “ethnic”-looking shoes and tops, or it can be part of a retro ensemble in the spirit of movies like “American Graffiti” and “Grease”.   Click here for more views and sizing information.



1970’s “Mayan Modern” woven skirt


Recently, we featured a bright belt covered in Guatemalan “Worry Dolls”.  Now, we are pleased to bring you another charming Guatemalan-crafted item, albeit in a less amped-up color.  This slightly darker than emerald green cotton skirt with black flecking is visually contrasted with bands of abstract folk motifs in varying shades of white to brown.  The fabric is a medium weight and can be adapted to different climates, depending how it’s worn.  Made by “Mayan Moderns”, vintage 1970’s:  Click here for more views and sizing information.

NOTE:  Some monitors may show this color as more blue than it is.  The black flecking in the fabric makes the green look darker than it really is.  Please contact Monster Vintage with any questions!

Blue & white 1960’s checked pencil skirt

I think we have another Mad Men style here!  I’m thinking it looks like Peggy Olson, post-makeover.    Unlike other more traditional plaid and tartan prints, this is a zippy geometric grid check in fresh colors.  Let this skirt say that you’re efficient, capable, and have a great eye.  Click here for more views and details.



Scores of Skirts

I’ve just re-vamped the descriptions of some of our vintage skirts and was curious about where the skirt is currently falling on today’s runways. Mr. Marc Jacobs sent many an A-line, fitted mini and slightly flared below-the-knee skirt silhouette down his Fall 2010 catwalk. Whether a heavier weight tweed wool or a busy print in cotton/rayon blends, it’s the conservative skirt’s moment of glory. Paired with a solid color long blazer or mixed pattern blouse and heels with or without ankle socks, there is something to be said for showing less skin and keeping them wondering…

Here are some of revamped vintage skirts. Take them from the business office to cocktail hour!