Oh, we just can’t shut up about Fall!

Yay, autumn!
What is it with us over here? I myself am all over this fall business! As a recent import from (sometimes) sunny California to Portland, I am having a wee bit of trouble getting used to the seasons. They are not so extreme in the Bay Area (and snow? that’s a no.) I am completely at a loss for how to dress for these fast and furious weather changes (mostly in the shoe department.) What are your fall essentials, readers? Do you really get a change of seasons where you live?
I myself need a pile of plaid shirts and dresses, tights for days, a bunch of big ol’ scarves with some extra personality and soft sweaters for layering.
The shoes elude me, though. I could get away with flats or Chuck Taylors in the Oakland cold. I have literally only seen snow once… Does anyone have a recommendation out there for a good winter shoe or boot? Especially a good vintage style that will survive the weather!
Camp Comfort has a pretty good “Fall Wish List” going… gotta love stripes!