1960’s gold and brown CPO fleecy wool jacket



Smartly-fitted yet casual, this CPO / shirt jac from Montgomery Ward features golden and brown tones and hearty flap-patch pockets with black buttons.  Open collar gives it that extra-relaxed look, sturdy construction.  This can be worn simply as a jacket, where the fleecy wool is enough to keep you warm, or it can be layered with a variety of different shirts to really play up that casual aspect.  More views and sizing information here.

Butter, cream, and maple 1960’s CPO jacket

The colors on this warm-toned heavy wool CPO jacket are rather reminiscent of not just the warmth of home, but also of cold-weather breakfast.  You have your toast with maple syrup brown, a caramel color for your hot drink, your lighter golden butter and pancake or waffle colors, smartly contrasted with shades of off-white and off-gray, and then criss-crossed with black naval buttons and plaid check gridlines.  For practicality’s sake, two flap pockets are on the chest and the cuffs button open or closed.  More views and details are available here.

1960’s Pendleton men’s shirt-jac

In deep autumn colors, both blue-toned grays and brickish reds with some curried gold thrown in, this unlined shirt-jac is a structured, yet jaunty with its angled and straight-set snap pockets.  Great for casual occasions where you want a rich autumnal palette of hues to distract you from the cloudy weather…and stand out against the crunchy, leafy landscape.  Made of all virgin wool and using quality craftsmanship, this is yet another testament to the Pendleton – and Oregon – contribution to twentieth century fashion!  Click here for views and sizing.

Pendleton fact:  Early Pendleton shirts were not made in fashionable colors.  They were for function only and, as such, they were not made in hues other than neutrals like gray.   By the time this item was made, they had obviously realized the appeal of non-drab tones!




The Truth Behind Vintage Pendleton

All year long, but particularly now and all through the blustery Fall and Winter, we are up to our armpits in Pendleton orders. We have seen every single colorway plaid, button and cut style imaginable. When I first came on the Monster Vintage good ship, I was told that since the company has been pumping these out, in many of the same patterns, for over 100 years, rendering them impossible to decade-date. With a lovely new hire on board who questioned this, I was prompted to call the Pendleton headquarters and get to the bottom of the vintage wool mystery.

Turns out to be factual – the nice representative I spoke with on the phone confirmed the difficulty in pin-pointing Pendletons. The company has been using many of the same patterns for the last 150 years. That’s a long time. Especially when your production numbers reach into the hundreds of thousands each year. So, alas, we continue to title all these woolen beauties as simply, “vintage”.

Below, a few of their most popular models, which include the Board shirts and Sir Pendleton lines. Following, as is my method of operation, are a few selections from our site. And boss man just got back from an epic picking journey – all I saw were brief flashes of wool plaid but rest assured there will be lots of new (vintage) picks to purchase on the website soon. Very soon.