Haute Haute Halston

Unable to ignore it any longer, Fashion Week this year has had its say; The 1970’s are back. Oh, are they back. In a languid 70’s cloud of bright colors, bold clashing prints, easy silhouetted blouses, bell bottom pants and blue jeans, draped raglan flower sleeves and jumpsuits jumpsuits jumpsuits. Thus, at least one blog entry must be devoted to the era all the designers collectively deemed the it decade for style mavens now and well into the 2011.

By very definition of history, street credentials and being able to bring it all back beautifully, the house of Halston has set the 70’s bar high. Plucking popular resort wear tropical colors like tangerine, lime, sand and , combining the perfect style lines and fabrics, Halston did what they have done so well in the past; created an emotional line of clothing. The dresses scream Studio 54 fame. The wide-legged palazzo pants, front tie blouses, gold heels, bright sparkling make-up and frizzy coifs, Halston has women fantasizing about the Friday night outfit. Which will look just as fabulous when stumbling home the next morning.

Roy Halston and the gorgeous Bianna Jagger:

To accompany your Halston-inspired dress of choice; Dip every nail in a different resort color. Smiley face eyes optional.

From our closet, for sale: