Vintage Love From The Internets

Once in a while, nice and lovely folks clue us in to the fact that we’ve been shown love on their websites. The latest two, from Origin Ideas and DJ Excel, made us so smiley.

Origin Ideas is a fun site and according to their “about” page,

Origin Ideas is a collection of visual inspiration and showcase of only selected quality design and inspiration imagery in website, illustration, icons, photos and articles.

Here’s the featured editorial, which was shot by the talented Miss Rika Huang and showcases some original and re-purposed vintage pieces from our warehouse. Styled by yours truly. So much fun.

The second posting was by the one and only world, world famous man of the ones and twos, DJ Excel. Hailing from Philadelphia, DJ Excel has traveled the globe, playing parties and red carpet events for the likes of celebrities and common folk alike. While in Portland for Massive, he spent a solid few hours in our warehouse, digging with the finesse of a true vintage admirer. He let his finds be known on his website and we couldn’t be giddier for it.