Massive 8 | Monster Vintage Photo Fun!

In honor of MJ’s passing, Amber and I decided to put together the different faces of Michael’s fashion history (including the infamous nose job mask…) and rock the stage at the Crown Room for Leigh’s Massive 8 party this past Saturday. After an extra special shout-out from Ronin Roc, the host with the most and a musical MJ intro by NYC’s DJ Ayres from The Rub (only one of Manhattan’s finest dance parties), the girls hit the runway and Jackson 5’d, Moonwalked and high kicked it out. It was memorable.

More photos to come from the night’s other designers, who also showed good face.

XO | S.

Massive 8 | Public Indulgence

Oh gosh. Whew. Is it that time of the month again? Yes. Yes, it is. Massive 8 is this Saturday and Feldman is bringing out DJ Ayres from NYC’s most popular dance party, The Rub!!! Sweaty and outrageous cannot even begin to describe the inside of the Crown Room this weekend. And we’re geeked, as always, to participate in the funnest catwalk Portland showcases. We’re ready rock steady. If you’re in the NW neighborhood, bring your pretty booty on by and have a Greyhound at the bar with us.

XO | S.

More Massive 7 Flicks!

So umm, yeah. The rumor that The Pack unexpectedly bum rushed the Massive stage after their scheduled event at Backspace Cafe and performed their “Got My Vans On But They Look Like Sneakers” single and other banging California-tinged songs from their discography until they were sweaty and the crowd was emotionally exhausted from screaming and flailing along? Tis true, loves, tis very true…

XO | S.

Massive 7 Fashion Show Dance Party!

In honor of this Saturday’s 7th monthly Massive party (which Monster Vintage is proudly partakes in), we’ve decided to include a barrage of photos helping to highlight the magic that took place the last two Massives, since it’s been a minute since we caught everyone up to speed. This Saturday promises to be just as fantastic, just as crazy, just as colorful, just as much freaking fun. If you’re in the Portland area, shimmy your fine booty down to The Crown Room to hop, skip and drink in the best in local designers, DJs and fun-lovers.

See you tomorrow!

XO | S.

MASSIVE 6 Fashion Show

Monster Vintage at this past Saturday’s MASSIVE 6, held at the Crown Room, the party’s trustworthy host venue. Thanks again to Mr. Feldman for throwing the best monthly dance party, fashion show combo Portland sees. Email him at for the best in PDX event updates and email us at to inquire about purchasing any of the items modeled at Massive 6.

And if you were lucky enough to get a candy coupon, come into the warehouse and try the vintage goods on!

XO | Sara

Monster Vintage at MASSIVE IV and V

Whoooo hoooooo!!! Check out what we’ve been a part of these past two months. MASSIVE is a Portland monthly fashion show and mega dance party that takes place the last Saturday of every month in fabulous Old Town at our city’s best ultra lounge, the Crown Room.

Hosted by Leigh Feldman (who throws all the most rawkus parties in PDX), Monster Vintage dressed up local cuties in head to toe vintage outfits and jewels and had them twirl and two-step to hip hop mash ups and electro music on a stage decorated in balloons, streamers and a giant banner that read, “Dat Hyphy”. Talk about a fun night. Over 700 people through the doors, amazing DJs like Sammy Bananas from NYC’s too cool label Fool’s, Monk One from Wax Poetics, DJ Zimmie and hometown celebs like Dr. Adam, Juggernaut and Nathan Detroit.

XO | Beat Street & Amber Pie