Armored Jeans? I think not

Yes, they’re a terrible idea.  These remind me of horrible flash-in-the-pan fads that overtake all of Italy for about three seconds in the summer, then no one ever wants to see them again. In fact, I bet someone in Perugia is sporting these right now and looking “cool” only because no one else dares to do it. I’m sorry, but it’s an uncomfortable combination of metal, jeans, and sheer awkwardness. Or, in other words, HELLLLL NOOOOOO.

Though the Micheal Jackson look is coming in, especially with his new (or yet to be made but was in the works) clothing line. I’d like for The King to be remembered via fashion worn this year, via Versace (suo preferito), but if this is it, it isn’t.

Miss Paige

Thank you Bloomacious/ Denim Hunter