1980’s Military Naval Pea Coat in black


Pea coats have been in use and in style for a very long time.  According to our ongoing vintage research, some pea coats were so heavy that they included a chain so that they could be hung up!  This is not the case with the 1980’s model:  It is efficient, it is masculine, and it is a short length for ease of movement, while incorporating the telltale broad collar.    Click here for more views and sizing information, and check out the rest of our pea coats!

1940’s Naval pea coat

Get your sea legs in this vintage 40’s pea coat with classic post-WWII styling.  Six front buttons with anchor motif and lined tan corduroy “warmer” pockets, along with the tag inside the coat, indicate the true age of this piece.  Fun pea coat fact:  Up to the second World War, pea coats had eight front buttons, not six.  Designed to withstand wind, rain, and other inclement conditions, this piece of American history has survived in great condition to the present day!  Click here for more views of the lining, tags, and buttons, as well as for sizing information.


Vintage Pea Coats. Always Modern.

Even though the weather is incrementally getting warmer, we are still selling lots of vintage pea coats. These coats have a such a rich history and give off an amazing, instant style aesthetic. Originally made for British and Dutch Naval men as far back as the 1700’s (!!), these incredibly heavyweight wool coats were constructed especially for brisk ship weather. Over the decades, small changes have incurred. For example, pea coats of the 1940’s have fantastic thick corduroy-lined pockets. Coats made in the 50’s and later did not receive the same special treatment and their pockets are simply lined in cotton. The number of buttons along the standard double breasted fronts have varied in numbers from six to eight. Many attributes have remained exactly the same. The deep navy blue or black color is standard, as is the overall cut and style of the coats. Oftentimes, the only way to accurately date a pea coat is by the tag, if it is still intact.

Today, the pea coats still serve their original purposes for military men and women all over the world. And for those of us who just want to walk the streets in style while staying toasty, the pea coat looks dashing and can be paired with causal pants and tops or be classy enough for a night out on the town.

How do you wear your pea coat?

Image from the Sartorialist