To tuck or not to tuck? This is the question.

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Whilst perusing the wide webbed world of current gentleman trends, we came across a blog posted pondering the delicate debate regarding the tucked or un-tucked shirt syndrome. Specifically, the standard white oxford who’s style relevancy is timeless. Fantastic Man’s vote was such:

A simple but effective fashion proposal to cleanse the palette was shown at the menswear show by LOUIS VUITTON in Paris last January: the oversized untucked white shirt. It is a look that sits on a knife-edge, what with the incorrect 1990s lads-in-bars flashbacks on one side, and the flowing touch of purified elegance on the other.

Over here at Monster Vintage, we’d take the route of the latter and go with refreshing elegance. Or perhaps at least a casual Friday or post-5pm take on the structured working man’s day. Below are a few of our vintage oxford picks, in white and a smattering of other colors.