Rare Finds, Part 2

As anyone who collects rare vintage clothing or other items knows, quality items at a fair price are hard to come by. When collecting vintage clothing or antiques, the condition of the item is very important. Today we want to show you a very rare piece that we have for sale here at Monster Vintage.
Item # 16282

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This stunner is from the 1940’s, with tiers of gorgeous fringe top to bottom, with sequined straps and trim. Truly a rare find, in excellent condition, and great for a night out on the town. Could you not see this dress on a fashionable starlet strutting the red carpet?
Do you have any lovely vintage items in your closet? We would love to see! Send us your pictures and shop for rare vintage here!

Sally “Wannabe Flapper” Mulligan

A little info for ya!

We get asked a lot if we have online sales and the like. We also get asked if we have an e-mail list/newsletter.
Yes and yes!
We have an e-mail list which happens to be exactly the place you can find out about sales we have on the site!
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Sally “Social Butterfly” Mulligan

Top 5 Tuesdays: It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World

It’s like the crazy bum fella who walked into the cafe my friend Leigh was hanging out in pointed out, “This must be the Ro-de-oh coffee shop. Look at all them plaid shirts!” You don’t live in a cave (don’t try to tell me different, you’re on the computer right now!) so I don’t have to tell you that plaid is having a “moment.” A really, really long moment. Over at Monster Vintage, we’re here for you. So I present for your consideration, My Top 5 Favorite Plaid Shirts in the shop. Enjoy!

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What do you think, fellas? Are you rocking plaid this Fall?

Sally “Lumberjack” Mulligan

How To Wear It: Capes

It’s that time of year (Fall AGAIN, I know!) where it’s getting chilly outside- but it’s not too chilly. And it’s almost certainly the perfect temperature outside for a cape or a poncho. The Fall runways were littered with tailored capes and capelets this year, and who are we to go against nature?
A lovely cape is definitely going to set you apart from the crowd, which makes some people too nervous to try wearing one at all. Well, that’s where we come in. Take a look at how we would wear this awesome Monster Vintage Cape.
Mod Striped Cape
Mod, striped, spectacular. Don’t be afraid!

(Click pic to enlarge)

During the day, I suggest playing up the Mod-ness of the cape with a nautical look. More stripes (you can mix prints, just keep them in the same color family), some simple boots, and little sailor-inspired accessories all help to spotlight this cute capper!

I was always skeptical of trying to pull off a cape with a dress, but I think I have worked out the schematics of it all. Just like with coats, proportion is important. The longer your cape is, the longer a dress you can get away with. If your cape’s hem falls somewhere near your hands, you should keep your dress above your knee. The look is not “Renaissance Faire Worker” this season.* I suggest wearing tights with your dresses in the Fall and Winter anyway, and the rule still applies here. It’s like wearing a puffer coat with flip-flops, as far as I’m concerned. So layer it up, and if your cape is as bright and colorful as this one (or more so) keep the rest of your outfit simple. Use your accessories to pick up the colors in the garment.

See? I told you you can do it. Do you need any advice on how to wear a standout, unique, or seemingly wacky item? Let us know, we’d be happy to help!
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*or ever, for that matter…

Rare Vintage, Part 1

As anyone who collects rare vintage clothing or other items knows, quality items at a fair price are hard to come by. When collecting vintage clothing or antiques, the condition of the item is very important. Today we want to show you a very rare piece that we have for sale here at Monster Vintage.
I'm the Greatest!
This is an incredibly rare photo shirt from the 70’s. The front features a still from the infamous Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier fight.
Isn’t it stunning?
The thing that makes a collector’s item such as this truly incredible is, in addition to being truly hard to find, is that it is in mint condition.
What’s in your collection, readers? Any scores that you want to tell us about?
Check out our rare finds sections for men and women.


Fall Essentials

Ahhh… Fall, it’s my favorite time of year! Call me crazy but I think there is something romantic about this blustery season. Earthly thunder that sets the trees ablaze and stirs up an ominous magic in sky, now if that doesn’t scream romance then I don’t know what does. I’m sure for some people this season means massive amounts of Theraflu and bad hair days to come… but let’s focus on the positive shall we? Think rich colors, cable knit sweaters, wool coats, and bedazzling embellishments to brighten up the day.

Since Fall brings me so much joy I decided to make a collection of ‘Fall Picks- The essentials of the season’… has a nice ring, eh?

First you need a coat for obvious reasons, that ominous magic stirring up in the sky I mentioned can make you very chilly. The feminine color of salmon leather paired with the fur really spoke to me… I could just see myself wondering the rainy streets of the city looking oh so stylish.


Next thing on my list is something you can layer for those days when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat, but not warm enough to bear the elements without some sort of coziness against your skin. I picked this brilliant red orange sweater because 1. It’s wool and 2. It would look absolutely mind blowing with a pair of fitted jeans, boots, and a brown tooled leather purse.


…Speaking of tooled leather purses I have a friend who has a gorgeous 1950’s tooled leather purse, and every time she carries it I can’t help but drool over it. Literally. Something about the texture and the color of the leather screams FALL! Without a doubt I had to add one of these bad boys to my list, and hopefully to my closet very soon.

Tooled Leather Purse

I always like to add a little sex appeal to my accessories, and I find nothing more sexy than animal print. Clearly Betty Paige knew what was up! So no matter wind or rain you are sure to be a show stopper in this little leopard pillbox hat. Plus at the end of your day your hair won’t be frizzed (well hopefully). It’s a win-win.

Statement Hat

I’m saving the best for the last. I’m a firm believer in the notion that you can never have too much glitz and glam, so when I saw this sweater it sucked me in. I always look for pieces that are easy and effortless. This works great for the days when you wake up late and need to throw on something, but of course you have an image to uphold. Toss this sweater and you got yourself insta-glam. Also this is a perfect sweater to go from day to evening.

Embellished Sweater


Ask Monster Vintage- Wedding

Vinnie writes us with this week’s conundrum:

That’s probably the look I get when I have to dress up for special occasions!
I guess you might say that I’m fashionably challenged. I don’t really shop for clothes and accept gladly all that is given but that is starting to leave me in some rather awkward situos where at least some attention to attire is expected by dem who make the nasty looks. My mom is getting married soon and I would really like to not completely embarrass her in front of the new family… so I thought I’d ask what you guys and gals thought might work for that; if you’ve got something available I would be happy to take a look but I don’t have much $$ (even if I did I’m cheap:) The wedding won’t be too formal but as I said, some attention will be expected and I’m at a complete and utter loss as to what I should wear!!
Thanks for any pointers,
– Vinnie the Vintage Bummer

Dearest Vinnie,
First off, congrats to your mom! How exciting!
Don’t bum out! I feel your pain, buddy! My mom got married a few summer’s ago and she is a bit of a square (cover up all my tattoos at a Summer wedding?! HA!) And who doesn’t want to look fabulous and have a good time at a wedding? Let’s see what we can do for you.
The key to fitting in at a party is a good fit (get it?) Nobody has ever gone wrong with a tailored jacket and pants. Especially in a more casual setting, try out cuffing your trousers or rolling up your sleeves to see how that jives with you. Although a tie doesn’t appear to be necessary, if you’re trying to look a little snazzier I would say go for it. In my personal opinion, the skinnier the tie the better! If you are forgoing the jacket altogether, I would recommend that you opt for either a nice vest or a cardigan sweater to tie your look together. Polish it all off with some snazzy, clean leather shoes. As far as looking put together looks, I would also recommend that you stick to a somewhat monotone look, with one or two (matching!) pops of color. I’m a big fan of a navy blue, black or grey suit with, say, a red tie and suspenders. You want it to look fresh and show some personality, after all.

My last piece of advice is to make sure you feel comfortable in the clothes and feel confident in your look. OWN IT!
Here are some pieces from the site you might like to try:

And here are some other visuals courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes and Darling Dexter to help give you an idea of what might work:

(click picures to enlarge)

What do you think? Can you get down with this kind of look? I hope we helped, Vinnie. We didn’t get your e-mail address, but if you want to shoot us an e-mail at support@monstervintage.com we’ll give you a 25% off discount for the site- then you can still be a cheapskate!

Ask Monster Vintage!

Do you need any style advice or help? How to wear that unique vintage piece you bought and not look crazy? Advice on what to wear/where to shop for fall? Does a new trend have you confused? All the stylish peeps at Monster Vintage are here to help! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at support@monstervintage and we’ll be sure and get back to you!

Soooo High School, Pt. 3

by Sally Mulligan

Today on Soooo High School, we are exploring the hidden style icons lurking the science lab: The Nerds. With modern takes on brogue shoes, pleated trousers and paid button-ups all hitting the runways and the streets this year, the nerd is making the biggest comeback. The funnest way to channel your inner (and outer) geekdom is to put a menswear spin on it. After all, I can’t remember a time when I ever appreciated nerd-girl style. Think of the 80’s classic Revenge of the Nerds– the boys had all of the fashionable fun, and the girls got unfortunate floral prints and shoulder pads. High-waisted, flooded pants, sweater vests, ties and suspenders all have their place in this look, while a pair of thick-framed glasses and leather accessories- belts, shoes, briefcases and backpacks top it all off.
Here are a few pieces from Monster Vintage that can help you geek out:






HS Clique: The Nerds

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