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A very common question people ask with any vintage is this:  Will it fit?  There are a few tips to making sure the size you need is the size you get.  Most of our apparel items are described in hand measurements done with a tape measure.  This is because sizes on clothes and shoes have changed over time and even vary by brand.  What was a “medium” in the 1950’s is most likely a “small” or even “extra small” now.  If you live in a country that uses Metric for measurements, there are many websites for converting inches to centimeters.  One easy-to-use website is .  To go directly to centimeters, inches, et cetera, go to  Online Conversion – Common Lengths .

When shopping online, people have understandable reservations about ordering something they’ve never tried on.  At, we absolutely understand this.  We want to ensure that you have the best vintage-buying experience.   For our return and refund terms, please go to .  If we make a mistake in listing the size or other detail on an item, we do not charge a re-stocking fee.  We also refund the postage in those cases.  If you have any questions at all, give us a call at (503) 236-7542.

Sneak Peek –’s new Featured Item page

For our faithful blog readers, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of our Featured Item page, which will be part of our site re-design.  In this page, you will see more, higher-resolution images, with easy clicks to like and share our items on a variety of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus).  We hope you enjoy the new look and are excited to give you even more glimpses into our Monster Vintage world!

To preview the new page in the new style, click here:   Ciné Simplex 20th Century-Fox Camera #6

More Mustard, Please

Every now and then I become entranced by a color and I start seeing it everywhere. Lately my obsession appears in the form of a golden ray of sunlight that transcends the darkness of these long winter days. It can be none other than…drumroll please…delicious and wholesome mustard yellow! Voila! Don’t you just feel a little warmer thinking about it? I do…

What I love about this color is that it’s so versatile and charismatic, especially with this year’s fall and winter collections. It can debut as a modest accessory that brightens up an otherwise dreary palate. It can melt away the animosity between oft-warring colors like black and brown. Or it can take the spotlight by storm in the form of an unabashedly cheerful overcoat or wiggle dress. It can look infinitely classy or infinitely cheesy, you choose. And as anyone with an eye on this last century’s fashion tides can see, each decade has had its own interpretation of this magical color. What’s yours?

“Now I’ll Never Be A Teen Style Icon!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am definitely and without a doubt in a very seventies state of mind these days. With that state of mind in mind, and given the fact that I recently dyed my naturally red hair blonde, I bring you today’s style icon: Marcia Brady (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! to the rest of us.)
Pretty, popular, polite, and eternally vain, Marcia Brady ruled the roost and made sure everybody knew it (in the nicest way possible, of course!)
As the oldest Brady sister, she always had on the grooviest and newest clothes, including knee socks, mini skirts and outrageous prints, topped off with long, shiny blonde locks. Nothing could keep this girl out of the spotlight- not even braces or the occasional football to the face.

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As always, Monster Vintage is putting the grooviest of groovy right at your fingertips! Enjoy!

Sally “Teen Idol” Brady (I mean Mulligan…)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday tomorrow! I want to leave you with a few of my favorite Monster Vintage items inspired by Native Americans and Pilgrims in honor of this (secretly) fashionable holiday.

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Have a great time everybody, and don’t forget you can get 30% off your next order by using the coupon code monster09 at checkout! Get some holiday shopping done already, will ya?

Sally “Mayflower” Mulligan

Iconic Fridays: Leather and Lace, Part 2

I promised you two icons today loves, and I am nothing if not kinda reliable. For the lace edition, I have the stunning and graceful beauties of Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. The Lisbon sisters, headed by Lux Lisbon (played by Kirsten Dunst), are as delicate as lace itself. Fragile, lovely, ladylike and perhaps with a bit of a conservative stigma attached. Set in the 70’s in a small town, the lives of the Lisbons was tragic and romantic at the same time. Enjoy the inspiration below!

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Sally “Doily” Mulligan

Iconic Fridays: Leather and Lace, Part 1

I was bad last week, my peeps. I offered no style icons for you to worship. Shame on me. BUT I’m here to make it up to you with double the style iconography so that you will love me again!
This edition of Iconic Fridays is dedicated to Kara who describes my personal style as “goody two shoes with a dirty mouth”- Leather and Lace.
First I have some leather for ya (or “leathuh,” as I have taken to calling it), best exemplefied by the hardcore badasses from Easy Rider. In the sixties, leather was king, even for vegan hippies! Back then, being proud to be an American and being rock n’ roll were one and the same (Jimi Hendrix and the Star Spangled Banner?!). Tough and luxurious, leather makes a statement. And these guys make me want to go home and listen to some Synard!

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Sally “T-Bone” Mulligan

Rare Finds, Part 3

Item # 7038

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This little baby is AMAZING, especially given my affinity for military and marching band jackets. She’s designer, and from the 80’s and dripping with GOLD! And padded, embellished shoulders? Come ON! So fresh and modern still, considering that Philip Lim, Balmain and Marc Jacobs have all done reworked military jackets in recent years. It’s very “In loving memory of Michael Jackson,” dontcha think?
The price tag for this baby is pushing $500, which is still less than it’s modern designer counterparts and a very lovely find!
Sally “Forward March” Mulligan

$35,000 Levi’s!!!

On Ebay right now there is a pair of Levi’s 201s from the 1890’s going for a whopping thirty five thousand dollars!!! Relatively speaking, that’s not the most a pair of vintage Levi’s has sold for. Last time a pair of Levi Strauss jeans (501) from the same period went on sale on the site in 2005, they fetched a price of $60,000!
So my advice to you is: ask your grandparents if they still have their old Levi’s from back in the day, because they could potentially be worth as much as a brand new Corvette! Crazy!
For Levi’s in a much more reasonable price range, click on the picture above.

Style Icon Friday: Mama Mia

Everyone with functioning eyeballs knows that Mia Farrow in any fashion incarnation rules them all. But 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby was her absolute peak of style icon-ness. When Rosemary went to the salon and chopped half her hair off, so did the rest of America. So today I present to you the look that launched a thousand pixie cuts: Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.
There was something undeniably feminine yet chic about Mia’s wardrobe in this film. Very classy but girly and undeniably sixties. There are so many dresses at right now that perfectly embody this look, no Satanic spawn necessary!

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Sally “Devil Child” Mulligan