Red women’s 1960’s Pendleton tunic dress

Here’s a great, fun entry from our “Pendleton on Parade” series!  Pendleton interprets Mod fashion!

When you hear the name “Pendleton”, do you automatically think of plaid shirts and sturdy wool jackets?  You’d be right, but you wouldn’t be thinking of the mod beauty that is this structured, red wool tunic dress.  Blending the sturdiness of Pendleton wool with the simplicity of Mod styling, this mini-length tunic could be worn on its own or with tights or leggings.  This 60’s piece still includes its original skinny belt in navy blue, fastened by a brass-toned buckle.  Click here for more views and sizing:


Pendleton trivia:  The founder of the Pendleton line was an English weaver named Thomas Kay, who found the then-new state of Oregon to be ideal to set up his operations in the 1860’s.   100 years later, people falling in love with the Mod style, which was very popular in Britain, found the Pendleton company producing the latest fashions.  It seems poetic somehow!

1960’s/1970’s Nordstrom dress suit set

Such stunning structure!  We here at Monster Vintage haven’t invoked the M-M words for a long time, but it’s impossible to resist.  If this doesn’t impart to you the striking patterns and impeccable shapes of the career women of  Mad Men from the most recent seasons, we don’t know what will.  Abstract running pattern of dots and bars in dark autumn colors shot through with some white for contrast, this very smart set is comprised of two pieces:  The structured dress and the structured jacket.   Each is a stand-alone piece, but they are tailored so concisely, they practically sing a duet of late Mod style.  Listen!  Can you hear it?


Sculptural red and black striped straw women’s hat

This striking straw hat looks more than a bit Mod to us.  Featuring very dramatic colors and a distinctive silhouette, the brim gracefully frames the face uniformly, in a perfect circle.  To top it off, there’s a final touch – a little wooden buckle on the side of the crown.  Great for summer activities or anytime you want to fashionably protect your head and face from UV rays!  Click here for sizing and details.