Rare Finds, Part 3

Item # 7038

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This little baby is AMAZING, especially given my affinity for military and marching band jackets. She’s designer, and from the 80’s and dripping with GOLD! And padded, embellished shoulders? Come ON! So fresh and modern still, considering that Philip Lim, Balmain and Marc Jacobs have all done reworked military jackets in recent years. It’s very “In loving memory of Michael Jackson,” dontcha think?
The price tag for this baby is pushing $500, which is still less than it’s modern designer counterparts and a very lovely find!
Sally “Forward March” Mulligan

Armored Jeans? I think not

Yes, they’re a terrible idea.  These remind me of horrible flash-in-the-pan fads that overtake all of Italy for about three seconds in the summer, then no one ever wants to see them again. In fact, I bet someone in Perugia is sporting these right now and looking “cool” only because no one else dares to do it. I’m sorry, but it’s an uncomfortable combination of metal, jeans, and sheer awkwardness. Or, in other words, HELLLLL NOOOOOO.

Though the Micheal Jackson look is coming in, especially with his new (or yet to be made but was in the works) clothing line. I’d like for The King to be remembered via fashion worn this year, via Versace (suo preferito), but if this is it, it isn’t.

Miss Paige

Thank you Bloomacious/ Denim Hunter

Happy Wednesday!

Weekly love shine to Lookbook.nu
Some of my favorite looks…

80’s acid wash jumpsuit?! Yes, please.

In honor of MJ

From the Monster Vintage vault:

Niiice. Vintage athletic shorts and Nike lows.

From the Monster Vintage vault:

Item # 11139

All the single fellas. Tweed dinner vests, pencil pants and grown-up loafers.


LV and Madge, second round KO. The Spring campaign went so smashingly well that they immediately decided to snap more photos for the Louis Vuitton Fall spread. She looks eerily fresh faced and air brushed but the concepts and styling is gorgeous.


A NYC street sign from my visit earlier this year.

A Monster Vintage letterman’s jacket. I like the Halloween colorway.

An Angie / Illababy heel collaboration. These girls are fantastic and as of late, have been revamping new and vintage shoes with scalloped leather and other trinkets.

The BF stopped by this AM for iced vanilla lattes, cream cheese pesto bagels and $1 scratch lotto tickets. Suffice to say, neither one of us will be moving into a 5th Ave. loft space just yet.

XO | S.

Massive 8 | Monster Vintage Photo Fun!

In honor of MJ’s passing, Amber and I decided to put together the different faces of Michael’s fashion history (including the infamous nose job mask…) and rock the stage at the Crown Room for Leigh’s Massive 8 party this past Saturday. After an extra special shout-out from Ronin Roc, the host with the most and a musical MJ intro by NYC’s DJ Ayres from The Rub (only one of Manhattan’s finest dance parties), the girls hit the runway and Jackson 5’d, Moonwalked and high kicked it out. It was memorable.

More photos to come from the night’s other designers, who also showed good face.

XO | S.

Iconic Friday | MJ & Farrah Fawcett

24 hours later and the whole world is already drying tear streaks. With the rate information travels these days, we all knew moments after it happened that the most famous Moonwalking, sparkle glove wearing, high pitched singing entertainer of many generation’s time had passed. Adding feathered Farrah Fawcett to the day’s demise and it was truly a double depressed Thursday, June 24th. Both of these outstanding folks left musically and hairdo legacies behind for us to enjoy for the duration of our lifetimes.

In homage of MJ, Amber and I decided to deck out each of our models tomorrow night in a different era of Micheal’s fashion fortes. We’ve got Jackson 5 through Black & White and it will be spectacular.

And I might just go ask for, “the Farrah Fawcett” down at the salon later.

XO | S.