Ponchos & Plaid

Another visual installment courtesy of Fashionisto. Ponchos and plaid. So trendy but so good. Lucky for you vintage-loving mens (and womens), we have some choice items in stock right now so that you too, can successfully stage a solo photo-shoot complete with a denigrated neighborhood setting, rocks, graffiti and train tracks!

To tuck or not to tuck? This is the question.

* above photo is via fantasticman.com

Whilst perusing the wide webbed world of current gentleman trends, we came across a blog posted pondering the delicate debate regarding the tucked or un-tucked shirt syndrome. Specifically, the standard white oxford who’s style relevancy is timeless. Fantastic Man’s vote was such:

A simple but effective fashion proposal to cleanse the palette was shown at the menswear show by LOUIS VUITTON in Paris last January: the oversized untucked white shirt. It is a look that sits on a knife-edge, what with the incorrect 1990s lads-in-bars flashbacks on one side, and the flowing touch of purified elegance on the other.

Over here at Monster Vintage, we’d take the route of the latter and go with refreshing elegance. Or perhaps at least a casual Friday or post-5pm take on the structured working man’s day. Below are a few of our vintage oxford picks, in white and a smattering of other colors.

Top 5 Tuesdays: Cardigans

Nothing melts my heart faster than a boy rocking nerdy-chic, so this Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to my favorite Fall staple: the cardigan!
If you aren’t convinced, check out the gentlemen below strutting their stuffs in cardigans, or refer to my Mr. Rogers Post from a while back.

(click image to enlarge)

The second cardigan is my absolute favorite. Very Lebowski (or “El Duderino” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.)
The top 5 cardigans are all from Monster Vintage, you can click on the picture for the item number if you would like to buy. You can also shop cardigans here.


Sally “Grandpa” Mulligan

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Iconic Fridays: Paul Newman


(photo source)

Paul Newman is the king of cool. Do you look like this when you’re standing around in such a simple ensemble? I didn’t think so, but I’ll do my best to help you help yourself.

(click to enlarge)

Put your basics to work and rock a classic look like this fellow here. Now throw on a pair of Keds and a great watch. You are ready. Open doors for ladies, light cigarettes for your company, and kick it old school. A vintage wardrobe for a vintage gentleman. Oh, and go for it and roll those pant legs up!

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Top 5 Tuesdays: It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World

It’s like the crazy bum fella who walked into the cafe my friend Leigh was hanging out in pointed out, “This must be the Ro-de-oh coffee shop. Look at all them plaid shirts!” You don’t live in a cave (don’t try to tell me different, you’re on the computer right now!) so I don’t have to tell you that plaid is having a “moment.” A really, really long moment. Over at Monster Vintage, we’re here for you. So I present for your consideration, My Top 5 Favorite Plaid Shirts in the shop. Enjoy!

(Click to enlarge)

What do you think, fellas? Are you rocking plaid this Fall?

Sally “Lumberjack” Mulligan

Ask Monster Vintage- Wedding

Vinnie writes us with this week’s conundrum:

That’s probably the look I get when I have to dress up for special occasions!
I guess you might say that I’m fashionably challenged. I don’t really shop for clothes and accept gladly all that is given but that is starting to leave me in some rather awkward situos where at least some attention to attire is expected by dem who make the nasty looks. My mom is getting married soon and I would really like to not completely embarrass her in front of the new family… so I thought I’d ask what you guys and gals thought might work for that; if you’ve got something available I would be happy to take a look but I don’t have much $$ (even if I did I’m cheap:) The wedding won’t be too formal but as I said, some attention will be expected and I’m at a complete and utter loss as to what I should wear!!
Thanks for any pointers,
– Vinnie the Vintage Bummer

Dearest Vinnie,
First off, congrats to your mom! How exciting!
Don’t bum out! I feel your pain, buddy! My mom got married a few summer’s ago and she is a bit of a square (cover up all my tattoos at a Summer wedding?! HA!) And who doesn’t want to look fabulous and have a good time at a wedding? Let’s see what we can do for you.
The key to fitting in at a party is a good fit (get it?) Nobody has ever gone wrong with a tailored jacket and pants. Especially in a more casual setting, try out cuffing your trousers or rolling up your sleeves to see how that jives with you. Although a tie doesn’t appear to be necessary, if you’re trying to look a little snazzier I would say go for it. In my personal opinion, the skinnier the tie the better! If you are forgoing the jacket altogether, I would recommend that you opt for either a nice vest or a cardigan sweater to tie your look together. Polish it all off with some snazzy, clean leather shoes. As far as looking put together looks, I would also recommend that you stick to a somewhat monotone look, with one or two (matching!) pops of color. I’m a big fan of a navy blue, black or grey suit with, say, a red tie and suspenders. You want it to look fresh and show some personality, after all.

My last piece of advice is to make sure you feel comfortable in the clothes and feel confident in your look. OWN IT!
Here are some pieces from the site you might like to try:

And here are some other visuals courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes and Darling Dexter to help give you an idea of what might work:

(click picures to enlarge)

What do you think? Can you get down with this kind of look? I hope we helped, Vinnie. We didn’t get your e-mail address, but if you want to shoot us an e-mail at support@monstervintage.com we’ll give you a 25% off discount for the site- then you can still be a cheapskate!

DSquared | Spring 2010

Happy Thursday everybody! The sun is shining here in Portland and it looks to be an amazing day. Picked up my drink du jour at Sheridan’s Fruit Company this morning – a vanilla latte. The girls behind the bar and I have a good relationship. I smile and place my order, they walk to find me wandering the food aisles to give me said drink. It’s beautiful. Remind me to bring those girls some hand-picked backyard flowers.

Going to a fashion show this evening downtown with a halftime performance by our very own Oregon Ballet Theatre. Free food and drinks before the first walk. Bringing Intern Rose with me!

It’s my folks’ 31st anniversary today! Aww. I love them. They love each other. To celebrate, they’re buying a new eco-friendly refrigerator. Our old one has served its cold purpose for yeeeeeeeears. It’s time to upgrade. I think we’re going to spring for a fancy dinner out at Peruvian sweetheart restaurant Andina tonight, pre-fashion show. What a grand day. Lovely.

Here’re the pics for the day, with credit to DSquared, a super fun men’s line. I adore the Boy Scout / Camping Outdoorsy / Nerdy look complete with patched oxfords, distressed Levis, galoshes, printed skittle colored hoodies, plaid button-ups, skinny ties, baseball caps and the essential black-rimmed eye glasses.

I’ve put some of our own Monster Vintage vault goodies and their corresponding item numbers below the runway shots. And look out for a uploaded flurry of perfectly worn-in original Levi’s 501s on our site soon!!! Amber and I went through a huge stack of them this week and they’re delicious. Enjoy!

Similar runway goodies from the Monster Vintage vault!:

Trucker Hat Item # 18552

Classic Black & Satin Tuxedo Top Item # 20538

Skinny Tie Item # 20490

Original Boy Scout Shirt Item # 17860

Another Original Boy Scout Shirt Item # 20541

Authentic Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt Item # 12535

Authentic Mickey Mouse Hoodie Item # 18775

Plaid Oxford Shirt Item # 20593

Plaid Oxford Shirt Item # 20612

Awesome Suspenders! Item # 20117

501 Levi’s Jeans, perfectly worn-in. Cut to make summer shorts! Item # 18564

More perfectly distressed Levi 501’s Blue Jeans. Cut into summer shorts! Item # 20740

Have yourself a wonderful day.

XO | S.

Salvatore Ferragamo | Men’s Spring 2010

Ohhhh! I love Mr. Ferragamo’s take on next year’s Spring Ready To Wear line! So Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy! (remember Miss Madonna in that flick?!) Save for the screaming tangerine color used to saturate some of the line’s oxfords and smoking jackets, this collection is an homage to 1930’s American Police Detectives with striking black and white slim tailored suits, trench coats with extra long coat tails, sharp ribbon adorned straw and felt Fedoras, shiny wingtips, flowing slacks, strong jawlines and broad shoulders. Handsome like whoah.

Salvatore also throws in thickly cabled knit and barely there mesh sweaters in all shades of white, cream and vanilla.

We have wonderful suits from the 30’s and 40’s on the site right now. And cable sweaters. And Fedoras…

Here’s a slightly corny trailer for Dick Tracy. This is another movie from my childhood, produced by Disney in 1990. I used to pretend I was Madge and dance around singing songs off the soundtrack.

XO | S.