Monstrous Costumes of Sir Christopher Lee

The dashing and handsome Mr. Christopher Lee holds the world record for the most film acting roles ever. Mainly know for his roles as Dracula and Frankenstein during the 1960s and 70s, he is also notable for being in more recent films like The Lord Of The Rings. Check out some vintage fashions inspired by one of the masters of the silver screen.

Before becoming an actor, Christopher Lee served in The Royal Air Force during WWII. Perhaps he wore something similar to this rare leather and fur overcoat from the 1940s?  This WWII double breasted coat is a large size for a big and tall man, just like Mr. Lee.

Find out more about this rare vintage coat here.

Here we see Mr. Lee wearing a double breasted coat in the 1957 film Frankenstein.

Another 1940s vintage piece is this pea coat in great condition.  Heavy weight wool and with the original anchor buttons, this WWII era coat will keep you warm as you wander the forest at night looking for friends.

Christopher Lee’s first appearance as a vampire was in the movie Dracula from 1958, released as Horror of Dracula in the US.   Always mesmerizing, we see him here in a still from Dracula Has Risen From The Grave made in 1968.

When dressing as the undead all it really takes, is a good black cape to make your victims swoon!

This one size fits all 1960s cape is a steal at $29.99!

This beautiful vintage wool Pendleton coat is surely something befitting Sherlock Holmes. Find out more here.

Christopher Lee first played Sir Henry Baskerville to Peter Cushing’s Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of The Baskervilles in 1959.  He also played Sherlock himself, in Sherlock and The Deadly Necklace in 1969.

A true dandy changes into a smoking jacket before indulging in a pipe.  Here is a superb example from the monstervintage collection.  Made in the 1950s with gold and green Asian embroidery, it is lounge wear fit for a king!

If you’ve never seen Beat Girl from 1960, you’re in for a real treat.  Christopher Lee plays Kenny, the owner of a strip club called Les Girls, where the young protagonist of the film is persuaded  to dance.

How to dress like a strip club owner in 1960s London you might ask?  This Curlee Sportswear blazer would be a good way to start and then just add a Towncraft Snapper clip on tie from the same era.

Before there was Burning Man there was Wicker Man from 1973. Behold the beauty of Christopher Lee and his manly mustard turtleneck.

Watch the movie to find out how pagan rituals are hell on hairstyles.  A similar sweater style from monstervintage is this rare 1970s Kawasaki ski sweater.

Long Live Christopher Lee!

Vintage Trouser Style : Rolled Up Cuffs

Perusing my cache of favorite street style blogs today, I came across this image and was smitten. I adore how she decided (fabulously so) to rock a pair of men’s vintage wool trousers but instead of letting them hang limply at normal length, she simply rolled up the hems. And the leather Oxford loafers without socks is perfect. It has given me a new reason to think twice about wearing men’s pants.

Image borrowed from the amazing Sartorialist. Followed by similar pairs you can buy for yourself! From our website, per usual. Cheers.

Vintage Cardigans Resurface

The general popularity of menswear cardigans continue to keep them resurfacing on the runways. The latest batch has been blogged about everywhere but I feel a responsibility to include it because of their absolute vintage feel. Even as we begin to tiptoe out of Winter, the chill in the air is strong enough to warrant a cozy knit cardigan, even if it’s only covering a white tee.

Knitwear as a whole it seems, has found a second life in modern fashion. Mills are being refurbished, reconstructed and rerun by other companies eager to put their stamp on the industry. Individual hand-knitting by designers appears strong as well so just because that vintage pullover you found doesn’t have a cool tag, don’t be so quick to dismiss its authenticity.

For diminishing vintage musty smell, try soaking the knit in a bucket of hot water with just a few drops of soap and air-drying. Or spraying with lightly-soaped water and then drying with a few fragrant dryer sheets thrown in – but make sure you’re on an air-drying or delicate setting! Otherwise you may have to pass your knit onto your little sibling.

Winter Vintage Clothing Trend : A Velvet Crush

It seems that velvet blazers, constructed from either sturdy and soft cotton velvet or the creme de la creme buttery silk version, make a runway appearance at least once a season. The blazer style, of course, never leaves the style party and velvet, while extremely tricky to work with, looks sleek and modern when made into dinner jackets and paired with dressy jeans or slacks and any variety of tops selection. Silk velvet worn over a ratty vintage tee shirt equals a little bit of handsome heaven. The color palette for this is best left to rich red wine burgundys, navy blues, eggplant purples, jet black and any variety of gray. Simple single or dapper double breasted, modest lapels and patch or classy welted pockets seem to polish off the cut beautifully.

Enjoy the below googled images, followed by our current selection from the warehouse.

Modern Pendleton Round-Up

Pendleton wool garments have been keeping urban cowboys warm for the last hundred years. Made using 100% virgin wool and spun right here in Oregon, their checkered plaid button-ups have become an essential closet item for anyone living in a seasonal climate. And since Fall is upon us, we have already begun filling orders for fantastic vintage Pendleton products from all over the world. Turns out that lots of young’uns, from Japan’s trendy Harajuku neighborhood to cool kids in Australia and all over Europe, are in love with Pendleton too. It’s one giant lumberjack plaid tree house out there.

Pendleton’s standard fare of oxfords and blankets were doing just fine, but earlier this year, the company decided to reach out to the young consumer market even more. They collaborated with Opening Ceremony and created a line of very modern but simple garments, that incorporated the easily identifiable American plaids and Native American prints. Below are some images from their Spring 2010 look book.

We currently have lots of great Pendleton for sale. If you already own a shirt, look into some of their rarer vintage pieces, like full zipper work jackets, pants and blankets. Stay warm in wool this Winter!

Let’s talk lapels!

I have a fascination with collars and lapels. I admit that’s a bit odd, but it could be worse. After writing up hundreds of vintage blazer jackets and suits for our website, I’m still in awe (and sometimes at a loss for descriptive terms) of all the different cuts and styles of lapels. They can hint at a garment’s era and in some cases, even the origin of construction. Pendleton shirts and jackets, for example, have a very distinct way of patterning their two-piece collars. I love coming across a particularly unusual lapel style, like the classic “Chanel” but at this point in my vintage clothing employment, I’ve been lucky enough to see it all.

The most common mens lapel styles are the notched L-shape and Fish Mouth. Rarer are the Clover Leaf and Semi-Clover Leaf, Trench and Flower styles. I found a few charts with google’s help which I’ve posted below as well as example garments from our warehouse that are currently for sale!

Ready To Wear Menswear: Viktor & Rolf edition

We’ll be rolling out a designer-a-day to cover Ready To Wear menswear for Spring 2011 (2011. Wow. That feels so futuristic to write). Today, it’s Viktor & Rolf, who were inspired by Hollywood’s leading movie men of the 1940’s. Handsome, stoutly, dressed to kill stars like Clark Gable, William Wyler, John Garfield and Humphrey Bogart. These men matched their leading ladies with tailored three piece suits (Fedoras!), two tone wing-tip shoes and accessorized with handkerchiefs and pomade-perfect coifs (Dad still talks fondly about Brylcreem). With a focus on cream, off-white and caramel tones, Viktor & Rolf gives us their interpretation of the 40’s suit with single-button, collarless blazers and pairs them with slacks and trouser style shorts (trousers seem to be making a huge comeback this summer with both genders).

Enjoy the movie stars, V&R’s collection and pieces from us to get your very own Gable and Bogart on. So classy…

Mens RTW Spring 2011: Dries Van Noten edition

It’s that time year! That glorious time when all the best and brightest of the couture mens designer worlds collide and provide us with runway eye candy, otherwise known as this year’s representation for Menswear Ready To Wear, Spring 2010.

First up, we have Distinguished Gentleman meets Elk Oak Lodge meets 1986 South Bronx with Dries Van Noten’s mixing and matching. 80’s acid washed denim jackets and jeans paired with handsome plaid blazers. Hunting style cardigans with suede and leather shoulder patches (for resting rifles on, of course) worn with classy trouser shorts. This collection definitely made me smile. I think I rather appreciate the Noten house’s sense of humor and exquisite tailoring.

Dries Van Noten’s goodies, followed by ours, a la vintage versions:

Men wear short shorts.

It’s gray, rainy and very dreary in Portland today so I was doing mental sunshine exercises while walking to work. Yesterday I picked up a few yards of lightweight seersucker material to make a blouse with and was reminded of last summer when I told my friend I would make him yellow and white seersucker shorts to replace his favorite pair that saw its demise at the hands of a careless laundry-doing roommate. Since (fingers crossed) we are about to hit sunny days, it’s time I make good on my shorts promise. It also got me thinking about men and sun and shorts.

Heath clothing had a great twist recently on trouser style shorts by pairing them with blazers for a more sophisticated approach. And following their runway shots are a few things we have in stock right now. Snatch up a pair and then promptly start freezing juice popsicles in preparation.