Black dyed lamb men’s hat

Originally made with materials from Argentina, constructed in Sweden, and purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue, this dyed lamb hat has traveled many miles and years and remains in great condition!  It will keep the cold off your head, and there are also ear flaps for those really biting winds.  Click here for sizing and other views!


1960’s red buffalo check hunting cap

Whether you loved “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” on TV in the 90’s or were a fan of Walter Matthau in “Grumpy Old Men”, you’ll immediately recognize the appeal of this red checked men’s hunting cap.  Although Matthau character had the full ear flaps, Little Pete Wrigley wore almost exactly this style.  This hat is 1960’s vintage, in a sturdy red and black “buffalo” check in a warm wool.  Instead of full side flaps, there is a short flap of fabric inside the cap that enables the wearer to protect his (or her) ears from the cold.    Use the hat as an accent or mix it with other prints to really make a statement!   Click here for more sizing and views.


1984 Reno Corvettes gray mesh hat

Are you a fan of classic cars?  Then Reno, Nevada is most likely on your radar as the city where the Hot August Nights show is every year.  But car enthusiasts don’t stop there!  This hat commemorates the 1984 ninth V & T event, in Reno, specifically for Corvettes.   A great item for Corvette lovers and any collector of automotive memorabilia!  Click here for more information. 

1970’s gray herringbone fedora

Everywhere you look these days, there are hats!  Shops in trendy districts and shops in the mall, selling everything from Panama hats to fedoras to mesh trucker hats; there’s something for every hat lover. They’ve come back with a vengeance as an accessory for men, and also women.  This men’s hat features cool tones with a dash of mustard color in the classic herringbone pattern.    Click here for more views and sizing information.