We Style In | Members Only Jackets

Aww, the classic and popular Members Only Jacket. These clean zip-up jackets can be found in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, ranging from the most commonly-found creams, beiges, blues and browns and cotton linens and leather. They often feature passants, which are the thin straps on the shoulders, which snap closed. Look for the original “Members Only” tag found usually on the edge of the front pocket.

Historically, the jackets were created in 1975 by Europe Craft Imports and brought to the United States market in 1979. Their company tagline was, “When you put it on, something happens.” In the 1990’s, a few condom companies caught wind of the tagline and began using it for themselves. Ha.

Check the Members Only official website.

Find all of the Members Only Jackets posted above on the Monster Vintage website under the Men’s category, “Retro Jackets“.

XO | Sara