To tuck or not to tuck? This is the question.

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Whilst perusing the wide webbed world of current gentleman trends, we came across a blog posted pondering the delicate debate regarding the tucked or un-tucked shirt syndrome. Specifically, the standard white oxford who’s style relevancy is timeless. Fantastic Man’s vote was such:

A simple but effective fashion proposal to cleanse the palette was shown at the menswear show by LOUIS VUITTON in Paris last January: the oversized untucked white shirt. It is a look that sits on a knife-edge, what with the incorrect 1990s lads-in-bars flashbacks on one side, and the flowing touch of purified elegance on the other.

Over here at Monster Vintage, we’d take the route of the latter and go with refreshing elegance. Or perhaps at least a casual Friday or post-5pm take on the structured working man’s day. Below are a few of our vintage oxford picks, in white and a smattering of other colors.

We ♥ Fashion Films

Ahhh. Nothing like a double whammy feature of fashion documentary films. After hearing many rave reviews, the boyfriend and I treated ourselves to Valentino : The Last Emperor last week. It is a beautiful movie, one part reality television (the cameras follow Valentino, his partner and crew around for many months – real moments ensue) and one part fairy fashion tale displaying the extravagant lifestyle we all associate with mega successful European couture designers. The film creschendos in Rome with a fete fit for a king to celebrate Valentino’s 45th year of crafting stunning dresses and strutting down runways.

valentino poster

Unzipped and Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton are two fashion documentaries that came out several years ago and profile some of most celebrated designers. Intern Rose and I are stocking up on Kettle Corn and paying a visit to Blockbuster later this week.

unzipped poster

marc jacobs poster

What other fabulous fashion documentaries are out there that we should know about? Let us know!

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Happy Wednesday!

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Some of my favorite looks…

80’s acid wash jumpsuit?! Yes, please.

In honor of MJ

From the Monster Vintage vault:

Niiice. Vintage athletic shorts and Nike lows.

From the Monster Vintage vault:

Item # 11139

All the single fellas. Tweed dinner vests, pencil pants and grown-up loafers.


LV and Madge, second round KO. The Spring campaign went so smashingly well that they immediately decided to snap more photos for the Louis Vuitton Fall spread. She looks eerily fresh faced and air brushed but the concepts and styling is gorgeous.


A NYC street sign from my visit earlier this year.

A Monster Vintage letterman’s jacket. I like the Halloween colorway.

An Angie / Illababy heel collaboration. These girls are fantastic and as of late, have been revamping new and vintage shoes with scalloped leather and other trinkets.

The BF stopped by this AM for iced vanilla lattes, cream cheese pesto bagels and $1 scratch lotto tickets. Suffice to say, neither one of us will be moving into a 5th Ave. loft space just yet.

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Louis Vuitton | Cruise Line 2010

It’s that time of year. Everyone who lives in a European fashion house is pulling out their cruise, summer holiday, beach and resort lines. How fun is this?!

From the castle of Louis Vuitton comes nautical stripes and rope belts, short and cut-out silhouettes in punchy denim blue, Parisian berets, edible colors like lemon meringue, all-over print handbags, stacked heel booties and sharply cuffed slacks.

For the fellas, Vuitton’s inspired by 007 sharp and classically cut Bond suits and an accessorized London street look with cuffed khakis, outerwear jackets and print scarves.

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