1960’s/1970’s purple hot pants

There’s a song from the 1960’s that asks the question, “Who wears short shorts?”  Many a fashion-forward female from the mid-60’s through early 70’s did!  It’s hard to imagine now, but miniskirts and hot pants were completely revolutionary and scandalous when they were introduced in the mid-1960’s, riding the tide of sweeping social change along with see-through dresses made of vinyl, disposable paper fashion, and swimsuits that happened to be missing the top.  Mary Quant, who gave us the miniskirt, is credited with designing early hot pants.  The style of these very short shorts went through its own evolution – at first, they weren’t as short as they would eventually get, and the fabrics changed over time.  A pair of hot pants like these, made of leather, in a bright hue of purple, and with conspicuous white contrasting stitches would most likely be paired with white knee boots, although a big-soled shoe would not be out of the question.  Emphasizing the smallness and youthfulness of the body was the name of the game!   Click here for more views and sizing information.


All-leather 1970’s women’s blazer jacket

The very definition of comfortable, cool, and classic:  Fitted women’s blazer-style leather jacket sums up the versatility of 1970’s clothing.  This can easily be paired with corduroys or an A-line long skirt, worn with clogs or knee-high boots.  For those really committed to the 70’s look, try layering with a loose-collar turtleneck sweater.  Endless possibilities await you!  More views and information here:


Small tooled yellow leather purse

If you like tooled leather purses but don’t like the large size of a lot of pieces out there, we have a perfect solution:  This small, rounded yellow purse in shades of topaz to orange and a slightly green yellow makes a great accessory without taking up too much room.  Accented with tooled flowers and heavy black leather stitches, these colors of this purse go well with the warm yellow-based colors of Fall/Winter 2012. Please click here for more sizing and information.