Vintage silver men’s/unisex “Pearl Mystic” turquoise ring

This ring has weight to it.  It has significance.  It’s not just a dainty filigree thing!  When you wear this ring, you mean it.  That’s not to say this ring isn’t complex, because it is:  Atop the wide ring-band, there are details – we have two rows of twisted, rope-like detail, then some almost floral-looking embellishment on either side of the stone mounting.  And then there’s the stone, a moderately green-toned turquoise, to top it all off.  For the collector of rings or the lover of turquoise, click here for more views and details.

Andy Lifschutz Jewelry

Andy Lifschutz has been a close friend of the family since my younger brother was in middle school. Several years ago he got a hankering to teach himself the art of metal jewelry making and has been crafting highly detailed baubles ever since. His entire line is creative but it’s the rings that stand out – oversized, chunky hunks of silver that often need a second look to catch the intricate personality he pours into them. He made a personalized wedding ring for a co-worker using a diamond from one of her grandmother’s rings. While his finger fancies may be more suited for handsome manly hands, his dangly earrings, necklaces and brooches are soft and feminine. Each piece is one of a kind and made out of Andy’s apartment in Portland and while the sawing noise and smell of saudered metal may annoy his neighbors, I appreciate the gems that come out it.

In Portland, you can find Andy’s jewels at Local 35, 3556 SE Hawthorne.

XO – S.