3 1960’s “AC Tough” spark plug mechanic jackets

Great for getting under the hood or running around in the rain, these three mechanics’ jackets were made to keep dirt and grease off your clothes while putting the word “TOUGH” all over you.  Bold optical black, white, and red print on water-resistant Tyvek. Rare and great look into an aspect of American car culture!  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1950’s red black buffalo check wool outdoor jacket


This is another great example of outdoor fashion finding its way into the lives of suburban dwellers.  Even if you’ve never hunted or felled a tree, you can appreciate the boldness of design in this zip-up wool red and black jacket; whether you’re actually tracking pheasant with a rifle, pondering how to tap that maple for its syrup, or just taking a long-awaited march through the woods after a week at the office, this piece will keep you cozy and dashing.  The front is all buffalo checked, while the back is one solid field of brilliant red.  More views and information here.

1980’s women’s zip plaid jacket

These colors are what you might call like candy.  Or sherbet.  Or several kinds of fruit.  Richer in hue than pastels but too light to be jewel tones, this zip-down 80’s-era women’s jacket tosses pink, white, coral-orange, lavender, and a golden amber yellow up in the air and comes down in a smart, catchy plaid. Click here for more views and sizing information.