An Introduction

I’m Joni and I’m new to the Monster Vintage blog. I’m Portland-born (though I spent some time on the East coast for a while). Most of my professional experience with apparel and fashion is with new, vintage-inspired rockabilly and pinup clothing– specifically ladies apparel and lingerie based on designs and patterns from the 50s and 60s.  I’m really excited to get the chance to explore and write about vintage clothing and retro styles– the real stuff that contemporary designers try so hard to emulate.

Most of my firsthand knowledge with retro fashion lies comes from the eighties, since I… you know… lived through them and all, and wore my fair share of Gunne Sax. Most of that stuff is coming back into style now, and I’m endlessly amused by my 14 year-old daughter and her friends’ efforts to create outfits that look like my junior high school yearbook (did you know the mullet is making its comeback?) My latest fling is with collecting t-shirts.  I also have a thing for pre-WWII Berlin fashion and art.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perspectives with you, dear readers! 🙂 Joni

Personally, I Like YouTube Videos of Puppies Better!

Hey! I’m Annie. I’m a 26-year-old Portland transplant from the Midwest, a freelance writer, and a big fan of vintage clothing and accessories (especially the affordable kind!). I dig crappy 80s movies, YouTube videos of cats, laughing too loudly, and exchanging my old duds for extra beer money. I like mixing new and old, classic basics and oddities, and creatively repurposing ensembles to make them my own. My wardrobe consists of odds and ends from garage sales, consignment stores, and dependable basics from the retail giants we love to hate. Nostalgia is a huge creative catalyst for me (both at work and at play) and Denise is my favorite Huxtable (due in no small part, to her impeccable fashion sense). I’m looking forward to sharing my fashion observations and sources of inspiration on the Monster Vintage blog!

Meet Britt!

Hey, Vintage Monsters, meet our newest blogger! Please give Miss Brittlyn a warm welcome!

Writing an intro always seems like a daunting task, how do you talk about yourself without boring people to tears or making people think you’re self-indulgent? It’s all about balance I guess, so I will try to keep this little intro about myself short and sweet, and littered with pertinent facts!

First and for most I have a love affair with coffee, while this may not seem like a pertinent fact I assure you it is… I live in Portland after all, it’s all about Micro-brews and coffee shops on every street corner. Next, you may be wondering why I wanted to become a Monster Vintage Blogger. Yes, obviously I love all things vintage. While my fashion sense is all over the map my creative inspiration is usually drawn from the 40’s and 50’s. I went to school for Apparel Design and I was the girl who was always designing something ‘vintage-esque’, preferably a little more of a naughty pin-up vintage-esque… thank you Bettie Page. To pay tribute to the pin-up ladies of the 40’s and 50’s I wear red lipstick almost everyday. You’d be surprised to find out that red lipstick matches with everything, yeah that’s right I said everything (perhaps I will blog about the wonders of red lipstick!). Bottom line is I appreciate the design aesthetic of vintage style- whether it be clothes or decor.

Hi There!


My name is Sally and I am Monster Vintage’s newest blogger! I thought I ahould take a minute and drag myself away from NOT packing to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA and spent the last 25 years there. But on Spetember 1st I am moving up to Portland, OR and I couldn’t be more excited about all my new adventures, the brand-newest of which is to keep all you fashionable readers updated about style, fashion, vintage and pretty much everything else. I have been interested in fashion ever since I was little, and I always wanted to be a designer or a stylist, and right now I’m working on a little etsy shop to call my own. I think my personal style is pretty eclectic, most days very feminine and vintage- I’m very into 40’s and 70’s styles, but nothing over-the-top, but I’m also very inspired by androgynous and masculine styles. My best friend Kara describes my style as “Closet goody two-shoes with a dirty mouth,” which is a perfect fit. Also, sometimes I wish I was a hippie, or a rock star, or a banjo player, or a supermodel (I can walk like one!) or Zooey Deschanel’s best friend, or at least her shopping buddy, but I am none of those things. Aside from my deep love of fashion, I love spending time with my little mutt Ella, taking pictures with my Diana f+, going to concerts and flea markets and drinking too much coffee for my own good. I look forward to posting here and hearing from all of you along the way!


Introducing…Mrs. Emerald Lavender

Morning lovebugs! Monster Vintage is super excited to introduce you to Mrs. Emerald Lavender, our newest blog writing, fashion loving, baked spaghetti eating, globe trotting voice from Goldsboro, North Carolina where, “Yes,” she told us, “it’s as country as it sounds”.

Graduating from Raleigh, N.C. with a B.A. in English, Emerald just returned to the states from a three year stint in Japan where she soaked in the all the Japanese admiration for urban wear. Her extreme fashion loves are runway show, new designers and polka dots. A Christian Dior fan for life – “Dior’s designs are classic and timeless” – one of Emerald’s prized possessions is a white gold Christian Dior watch she purchased while living in Japan. The one item in her wardrobe that she cannot live without is her dark denim stretch jeans. “I have so many pairs of jeans but those hug my body and give a little mercy where needed”, she said.

Welcome Emerald!

XO | S.