Iconic Friday | MJ & Farrah Fawcett

24 hours later and the whole world is already drying tear streaks. With the rate information travels these days, we all knew moments after it happened that the most famous Moonwalking, sparkle glove wearing, high pitched singing entertainer of many generation’s time had passed. Adding feathered Farrah Fawcett to the day’s demise and it was truly a double depressed Thursday, June 24th. Both of these outstanding folks left musically and hairdo legacies behind for us to enjoy for the duration of our lifetimes.

In homage of MJ, Amber and I decided to deck out each of our models tomorrow night in a different era of Micheal’s fashion fortes. We’ve got Jackson 5 through Black & White and it will be spectacular.

And I might just go ask for, “the Farrah Fawcett” down at the salon later.

XO | S.