“Now I’ll Never Be A Teen Style Icon!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am definitely and without a doubt in a very seventies state of mind these days. With that state of mind in mind, and given the fact that I recently dyed my naturally red hair blonde, I bring you today’s style icon: Marcia Brady (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! to the rest of us.)
Pretty, popular, polite, and eternally vain, Marcia Brady ruled the roost and made sure everybody knew it (in the nicest way possible, of course!)
As the oldest Brady sister, she always had on the grooviest and newest clothes, including knee socks, mini skirts and outrageous prints, topped off with long, shiny blonde locks. Nothing could keep this girl out of the spotlight- not even braces or the occasional football to the face.

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Sally “Teen Idol” Brady (I mean Mulligan…)

Iconic Fridays: Leather and Lace, Part 2

I promised you two icons today loves, and I am nothing if not kinda reliable. For the lace edition, I have the stunning and graceful beauties of Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. The Lisbon sisters, headed by Lux Lisbon (played by Kirsten Dunst), are as delicate as lace itself. Fragile, lovely, ladylike and perhaps with a bit of a conservative stigma attached. Set in the 70’s in a small town, the lives of the Lisbons was tragic and romantic at the same time. Enjoy the inspiration below!

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Sally “Doily” Mulligan

Iconic Fridays: Leather and Lace, Part 1

I was bad last week, my peeps. I offered no style icons for you to worship. Shame on me. BUT I’m here to make it up to you with double the style iconography so that you will love me again!
This edition of Iconic Fridays is dedicated to Kara who describes my personal style as “goody two shoes with a dirty mouth”- Leather and Lace.
First I have some leather for ya (or “leathuh,” as I have taken to calling it), best exemplefied by the hardcore badasses from Easy Rider. In the sixties, leather was king, even for vegan hippies! Back then, being proud to be an American and being rock n’ roll were one and the same (Jimi Hendrix and the Star Spangled Banner?!). Tough and luxurious, leather makes a statement. And these guys make me want to go home and listen to some Synard!

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Sally “T-Bone” Mulligan

Style Icon Friday: Mama Mia

Everyone with functioning eyeballs knows that Mia Farrow in any fashion incarnation rules them all. But 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby was her absolute peak of style icon-ness. When Rosemary went to the salon and chopped half her hair off, so did the rest of America. So today I present to you the look that launched a thousand pixie cuts: Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.
There was something undeniably feminine yet chic about Mia’s wardrobe in this film. Very classy but girly and undeniably sixties. There are so many dresses at monstervintage.com right now that perfectly embody this look, no Satanic spawn necessary!

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Sally “Devil Child” Mulligan

Iconic Fridays: Paul Newman


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Paul Newman is the king of cool. Do you look like this when you’re standing around in such a simple ensemble? I didn’t think so, but I’ll do my best to help you help yourself.

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Put your basics to work and rock a classic look like this fellow here. Now throw on a pair of Keds and a great watch. You are ready. Open doors for ladies, light cigarettes for your company, and kick it old school. A vintage wardrobe for a vintage gentleman. Oh, and go for it and roll those pant legs up!

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It’s Iconic Friday Again, Higgins!

I know, I know. It’s barely Fall, and I was jonesing for it too. But it’s been rainy and yucky this week and it doesn’t help that we are adding a whole bunch of Hawaiian shirts to the store right now, so I can’t help but wish it was Summer again…
So with that in mind I present you with today’s style icon: Magnum P.I.

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Admit it:
No one made Hawaiian shirts look better, or swim trunks as street clothes for that matter. This retro style is back with a vengeance.
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Won’t You Be My Style Icon?

In honor of all of the cardigans we are getting ready to put up in the shop, and the fact that fall is all up in our business, we voted Mr. Rogers, everyone’s favorite Saturday morning treat, this Friday’s style icon!

Admit it- Mr. Rogers made cardigans fly!

De we all remember this?


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Style Icon Friday!

Punky Brewster!
Punky Brewster!
Punky Brewster is TheBomb.com!
She never shied away from color or accesories. I copped her style for a serious chunk of my childhood.
The denim cutoff vests covered in pins and ripped jeans? Actually pretty punk! And remember that “Just Say No” episode where Punky’s new friends were doing drugs? Punky was so punk, she was Straight Edge.

Iconic Friday | Lace!

Many apologies we’re late with last week’s Iconic Friday posting. Eeeek. The holiday weekend was upon us and we dipped out of the office a bit early to catch bbq’s with friends and family.  Hope your 4th was sparkler-spectacular!

Lace has been part of fahion’s history as far back as the 1400’s.  Lace’s original birthplace is generally considered to be in Itlay and then spread throughout Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. First woven with linen, gold, silver and silk threads, now cotton is widely used. Different lace patterns were used to identify religious and community heritages and today, lace shows its pretty face by continuing to pop up season after season on the high-fashion runways taking on shapes in accessories, boots and all forms of clothing. Above is a smattering of photos pilfered from designers like Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana as well as lower cost items from smaller boutiques and chains like Forever 21.  Enjoy!

XO | S.