Soooo High School, Pt. 3

by Sally Mulligan

Today on Soooo High School, we are exploring the hidden style icons lurking the science lab: The Nerds. With modern takes on brogue shoes, pleated trousers and paid button-ups all hitting the runways and the streets this year, the nerd is making the biggest comeback. The funnest way to channel your inner (and outer) geekdom is to put a menswear spin on it. After all, I can’t remember a time when I ever appreciated nerd-girl style. Think of the 80’s classic Revenge of the Nerds– the boys had all of the fashionable fun, and the girls got unfortunate floral prints and shoulder pads. High-waisted, flooded pants, sweater vests, ties and suspenders all have their place in this look, while a pair of thick-framed glasses and leather accessories- belts, shoes, briefcases and backpacks top it all off.
Here are a few pieces from Monster Vintage that can help you geek out:






HS Clique: The Nerds

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Soooo High School, Pt. 2

by Sally Mulligan

Wecome back to Soooo High School, where we explore the hidden fashion icons who were lurking the halls of your high school back in the day! Let us know where you fit in! Today we are bringing back the style of the girl that we all loved to hate: The Tease. With bustier tops, nosebleed platforms and body-con all back in style, The Girl With a Reputation is as stylish as she ever was. The thing to remember about the tease is that, more so than most other stereotypes we will be exploring, her look is calculated every step of the way, and yet one can never look like they are trying too hard. Every (scant) inch of clothing, every accessory is meant to titillate and, well, tease.
To make this look wearable, the key is to take a few components of this vixen’s style and discard the rest. Too much skin is never a good look. The vibe I was going for here (in an effort to not be mistaken for a hooker) is Kelly-Bundy-with-a-Lolita-twist to keep things slightly more innocent. A few young, sweet touches, like heart shaped sunglasses and floral prints keep this look fresh. Keep the hair and make-up simple so that you can still get away with sky-high shoes!

the tease

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Soooo High School, Pt. 1

Do you remember high school? Passing notes in class, all the homework you didn’t do, the questionable crushes and even more questionable fashion choices? If you’re anything like me you’re still trying to block it out, but if you can bear with me on this one, I’m taking all of those (supposed) fashion mistakes and bringing them back for your consideration. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the 80’s and 90’s are back with a vengeance. I’ve taken all of your favorite looks from adolescence and made them wearable for today and labeled them for each high school clique and stereotype just like in the old days. So put down your comb, stop teasing your hair and turn off Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, because these looks are fresh and updated using looks ripped from the runway. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume.

We’re going to start today with a clique that is completely foreign to me: The Jocks. As someone who was in serious danger of failing class, I’m using trends from today as a reference. Loose-fitting crop tops, leggings, embellished sweat shirts and killer sneakers (Jeremy Scott for Adidas fits the bill) may recall those sweaty PhysEd days, so to keep these looks wearable and modern, try to keep the colors more ladylike and instead of skintight silhouettes ready for the court, try balancing out a loose top with a tighter fitting bottom, and vice versa. Ditch the Nike sweatband and towel and top your look off with a cuter duffel bag and ironic knee-or-thigh-high socks for an extra pop of color. Ta da! This look is more likely to take you to drinks with your ladies than to your Pilates class (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!)


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The Truth Behind Letterman Jackets

The Truth Behind Letterman Jackets
By: Emerald Lavender

Everyone loves a good Letterman Jacket. Just the sight of one sparks the nostalgic memories of youthful high school and college days. These jackets were usually worn by athletic guys who were coveted by many girls. You can see this vintage tradition currently being worn by the likes of Kanye West or in pictures of the late Michael Jackson (just to name a few). These jackets are mass produced by a variety of designers. Designers continue to evolve this creation to match the feel and style of today’s fashion while still preserving its intended appearance. Letterman Jackets preppy and distinguished look are achieved with color blocks, clean lines, and a HUGE letter on the front of the jacket.

In my research I found that a “Letterman” was an athlete or member of an organized team who had achieved a certain qualification or standard. The term comes from awarding a cloth “letter” to the player or participant. These letters were usually the school’s initials. It all started at Harvard, in 1865. The Harvard baseball team added an Old English “H” to a gray flannel shirt. The football team started to use the “H” in 1875.

From the Letterman’s introduction in 1865, it has separated the elite from the not-so-elite. No wonder why they make gals feel so special! Now anyone can buy a Letterman’s Jacket to get that “preppy” and distinguished look. On there is a large variety of authentic Letterman Jackets for sale, so you can channel your inner “Ivey Leaguer!” Good fashion doesn’t go out of style, it reinvents itself. And…………. That’s The Truth Behind Letterman Jackets.