Hello World!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Monster Vintage’s blog! Whoo hoo!

I thought, what better way to begin this fantastic journey than with a picture of one of my favorite vintage tees currently available on our monster of a vintage clothing website, monstervintage.com. I think this 1970’s color photo of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier sums up what the posse of us at Monster Vintage headquarters in Portland, OR do: Fight, to the point of breaking a sweat, to bring you the most divine vintage pieces.

At $999.99, this tee is pricy but hey, what’s wearing a piece of history worth? Don’t worry though, we have circus tents full of other vintage clothing that’s easier on the pocket so take some time to browse and know that we couldn’t be more excited to have an outlet now to post delicious goodies, some informational, some purely entertaining but all of it for YOU!

Link to Ali and Frazier tee pictured above (click). Item # 5547 on the website!

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