Menswear summer magic! Suspenders, rolled cuffs, denim and leather…

After a lifetime of obsessing over womens fashion, I found new life inside the warehouse walls at Monster Vintage and discovered the wide and stylish world of menswear. We sell pallets of vintage gear to fashion-forward men all over the globe and we’d like to think they’re all better looking for it. Since the general theme over here at MV is what goes around comes around, we love seeing yesteryear’s trends become well, trendy again. An editorial from February’s Tendencias magazine revealed so many summer prophecies, we couldn’t help but get excited.

First up, suspenders! In any color, any pattern and either worn properly or left to hang loosely at the sides, they look amazing with almost anything. Shoot for the authentic, vintage kind that have leather button loops as opposed to metal claps although those would suffice just fine as well. Super easy to dress them up with oxfords, blazers and slacks or down with Fruit Of The Loom tank tops and jean shorts. We just had a lad in the U.K. order a pair from us and I’m quite sure he’ll be stunning in them.

From us:

Next up, rolled cuff denim pants and shorts! Gotta love denim. Be it vintage Levi Strauss, LEE or Wrangler, dark, faded, chambray or distressed, it’s hard to go wrong. Until the weather is a bit warmer, cuff your pants James Dean style and pair with leather loafers (see photo above). When the temperature does rise, with your jeans on, mark a little line 2 to 3 inches below where you want the shorts to fall and cut off using sharp scissors. Then fold once or twice or thrice!

Last but not least, we have vests! Specifically, leather motorcycle style vests! We’re thrilled that everyone is wearing Rick Owens, his pieces are a nostalgic nod to vintage Schott, Harley-Davidson and our own locally-grown Langlitz Leathers. Asymmetrical zippers, thick extra padding and fringe – the more decoration, the merrier.