Wardrobe Forecast: Sheepskin Jackets

The leaves have officially changed colors and the Fall fog is rolling in. With Paris Fashion Week at a close, we saw plenty of cold weather options prance down the Frenchie runways and classic leather, skeepskin lined bomber jackets are making their way back onto the backs of stylish gentlemen everywhere from their humble beginnings on Hollywood actors and military aviators in the 1940’s.

Sturdy bomber and trenchcoat style jackets lined in thick, warm sheepskin pile or real fur don’t need much to make a statement. A checkered or paisley scarf perhaps, a mirrored pair of aviator sunglasses, leather gloves…

From Givenchy’s 2008 Fall/Winter line, a single jacket from illustrious Prada and a few juicy options for sale on Monster Vintage:

XO | S.