A Vintage (Faux) Fur Winter

I’ve been scouring all my favorite go-to blogs for great Winter style inspiration. Something out of the ordinary or perhaps tried and true style but with a twist. Seeing men’s trench coats layered on women has been fun, lots of uncoordinated layers that include multiple fabrics, colors, leathers and fur.

Fur, especially faux fur has been everywhere. It’s so fantastic to see how technology every year gives us more and better faux choices, from the very real to the outrageous (I saw bright pink fur at a fabric recently that was dotted with an all-over heart print with, “I LOVE YOU”, inside each heart’s center).

Fur vests, with and without sleeves, hand bags and clutches, stoles and wraps. My favorite has been the addition of tufts of fur on shoulders as epaulets or placed in unusual places in garments. You can take a vintage fur that’s falling apart and use the fur patches to experiment with a piece in your wardrobe that needs a new personality. Rubber cement and lining the skin with muslin or another lightweight fabric will help secure the fur and ensure its construction well past the melting snow.

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld gave us more faux fur representations that we could handle at his over-the-top Fall 2010 show (where he imported glaciers for the models to traverse through). While these looks may be a bit overwhelming for us non-model citizens, I thought it was a fun way to use faux fur. After Chanel’s images, some of our own coveted faux choices from the website.