Stylist Love: Anastasia Barbieri

As promised a few weeks back, I wanted to showcase the ridiculously talented people who are behind Monster Vintage’s spread in French Vogue’s Hommes September issue. Anastasia Barbieri made that impossible for normal civilians transition from high fashion model in front of the lens to famous higher fashion stylist behind the lens. She has swathed the beautiful people from many of Vogue’s conquered countries but most noteably, is the driving dressing force at French Vogue where she plays wardrobe maven with men’s and women’s editorial features as well as the occasional freelance ad project.

Below is a smattering of her portfolio, just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to seeing what she did with the vintage threads we loaned her…

Vogue Hommes. The Paris, France edition.

Last Friday, Monster Vintage got the final go-ahead email from none other than Vogue Hommes Paris. After a few weeks of back and forth conversation following their initial email to us, we were told that the head stylist and photographer (I’ll reveal those gems soon) had made their final shoot fashion theme decision. With the help of our trusty in-house photographer, I ran around the warehouse gathering up the 42 requested items of our best in vintage Americana to be overnighted to Vogue’s New York city address. I cannot tell you how excited we all are. Vogue has stood as the world’s leading fashion publication for over a century and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be featured in one of their major editorial stories for their September issue, the biggest month of the year for the magazine since it covers all of Fall fashion’s predictions.

We’ll share more information as we receive it and as I mentioned above, I’ll dedicate a post each to the head stylist and photographer for our shoot this week.

In the meantime, here are some past Hommes covers. Enjoy.