Rare Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Bespin fatigue jacket

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this one!

If you know die-hard Star Wars fans like I do, you know how detailed their knowledge of the films is, especially the Star Wars>Empire Strikes Back>Return of the Jedi.  Now that I’m done showing my age, let me point out some important details.  What we have here is a sand-colored replica of the Bespin fatigues from the Empire Strikes Back.  There is also a collectible poseable Luke Skywalker figure issued at the time, so anyone who was collecting the figures at the time would recognize the jacket immediately as part of the Rebel uniform.  The color is important; not just because it would be good for camouflage, but because the Rebels are often associated with “natural” tones and the strong and dark colors are reserved for the Empire.  Without spoiling the movie for those readers who have not watched it, Luke Skywalker wears this costume during some very significant moments in the film!

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Early 80’s Star Wars Fan Club tee

Are you a Star Wars fan?  Do you know a Star Wars fan?  For many people, the answer to that question is yes.  We thought the Star Wars fans of the world would appreciate this 1982 jersey-style shirt in light blue and white.  By now, the fans have already noticed that the real star on the shirt is the Bantha.  In 1982, the word “Bantha” was still almost totally new in the pop culture lingo!  But if you’re a fan, you probably knew that.  We salute this unique piece of pop culture paraphernalia.  Click here if you feel the Force is strong with this one.

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